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Chewing gum for Eye-care! 29/05/2014

Filed under: New product — Joan Mestres @ 2:17 PM
Tags: , published recently about a new type of gum developed by the Danish company FERTIN PHARMA.

It is called “Vision gum” and it contains Lutein, zinc and vitamins A, B2 and E. The gum was presented during the Vitafoods exhibition fair that took place in Geneva (Switzerland) from 6th until 8th May.

The company wants to be very careful bout the claims associated with this chewing gum, and states that it “helps maintain good vision” but in any case “cures bad vision”.

I must say that, as far as I know,  it is the first chewing gum going in the direction of “healthy vision”. There are and have been gums in the market with vitamins (Vitamin C is the most popular but there are products with A, E and others as well), but it is the first one that combines the vitamins with Lutein. So it is good to see the range of functional gums expanding.

I attach here the link to the article in case you want to read more about it.  Vision gum