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CAMOUFLAGE – Italy 27/03/2014

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This company is not a chewing gum producer itself but market extremely well-presented gums. They are based in Italy and the team has previous experience in the world of Fashion. By creating this company, they want to blend Fashion with the world of Food. They present their “Luxury Chewing Gum” under the Paul Stiven brand. You can learn more in the web-site: 

Here you have some samples of their product range:


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I thank Mr Diego Kanda for his time during the Fair.


VIDAL – Spain 18/03/2014

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This company is launching one of the most interesting products I found in the Fair: gum footballs. They consist on engraved hollow balls with the design of a football (“soccer” if you read this from the US!). This is year of a World Championship (which takes place every 4 years) so there will be a lot of products around this issue. VIDAL is presenting these excellent gum balls.

I also found a “spaghetti gum” in pouches under the brand “BITS BUBBLE”. The pouch contains blue and fizzy noodles. You can find this on more in the company’s website:

I thank Mr Javier Nieto for his explanations.



ZETA ESPACIAL SA- Spain 17/03/2014

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This is a company based near Barcelona. They are specialists on Popping Candy. It was founded in 1979 and nowadays are selling worldwide. It is interesting because they are very much focused on a single speciality, with some variations. For sure, they are the masters of popping candy, but here in this website we are interested in the bubble gum version: “POP ROCKS Bubble Gum”. It is presented in a sachet/bag which contains particles of popping candy and particles of gum, so when they are placed inside the mouth the consumer gets both effects: The fizziness and exploting particles from the candy and the chew and bubble ability of the gum!

Popping candy is sold also in bulk. It consists on pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with Carbon dioxide, so when those particles get in contact with moisture (e.g. inside the mouth) they explode and we get a very special feeling. You can learn more about them in their website:

I thank Ms Marta Mas for her time.



SUPER DE ALIMENTOS – Colombia 11/03/2014

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This is a historical company in Colombia. The initial company was founded in 1948, although it had another name at that time, and through different acquisitions and changes it became SUPER in the 80s. Nowadays it employs more than 1200 people.

The company produces a wide range of confectionery (lollipops, marshmallows, soft and hard candies, jellies, …) but if we focus on gum we find:

CHAO. Refreshing round dragees with mint flavor. The gums come in stylish plastic containers with flip top or in individual pieces flow-pack. The brand covers also other refreshing products, like chewy candies.

BOMBAZO: Individual piece cut&wrap. It is a co-extruded product so it combines two flavors/two colors. The center of the gum is different than the outside and the combinations are: Strawberry-blackberry, Strawberry-Banana, Strawberry-Green Apple, Strawberry-Tutti Frutti and Strawberry-Watermelon. Under the same brand umbrella there are also chewy candies.

REVOLCON: Hyper acid individual piece of gum in flow pack wrapping. The acid comes as powder filled in the gum. It comes in four different flavors: Red fruits, cherry-hot lemon, strawberry- apple, and blueberry.

LOKIÑO: Lollipop filled with gum.

Here is it the link to their website ( and I thank Ms Lorena Botero for her kindness.

SUPER revolconChicle


MAKPROMET – Macedonia 06/03/2014

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This company in Macedonia is in fact a huge conglomerate. They cover from  a supermarket chain to contraction, printing, agro business to the production (of course!) of chewing gum.

The chewing gum goes under the brand CUNGA LUNGA and they cover a wide range of presentations: from the more common cut & wrap (with different flavors) to the more unusual gum with cigarette shape. Another interesting product are the gum balls wrapped with paper resembling a football. I attach pictures below, which I took from the website where you will find the full product range and more information. Some balls are presented in a blister pack, which is also interesting from then point of view of packaging style. also quite unusual is a cut & wrap which is 8 cm long and presented in individual flow pack.

I thank Ms Marija Cuckovsca for her time and explanations.

MAKPROMETCL-topce-futbal(2) MAKPROMETCL-topce-vo-boja(2) MAKPROMETCL-cigari-kutii-grupna


ROELLI ROELLI- Switzerland 05/03/2014

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Last year I already introduced this swiss company. You can find the post in this link

This year there is a new packaging for their star product ALPRAUSCH. It is a multipack with dragees.

The company also launches MEDITOL, a gum which contains 100% xylitol as sweetener. This is a premium product designed to be top-of-the-range and it is presented in a metal box or in a golden zip bag.

I thank Mr Nico Studer for his time.


SWEET MAGIC – Bulgaria 03/03/2014

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This is a Dutch company based in Bulgaria. I thank Mr Hans Boom and Ms Daniela Savova for their time and explanations during the Fair.

They are really specialists on cotton candy, but what is of our interest in this web-site is the cotton gum. There not so many companies in the world producing this speciality, and some of them do it as a “side product”, so it is always nice to find someone that really focuses on this. I invite you to visit their website: and see their products here:

Cotton gum cotton gum2 cotton gum display