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Magnetic gum packaging 23/05/2013

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I am not talking much about packaging. I regret this because it is one of the most important features in a chewing gum. It is the “dress” that presents it to the final consumer, so it says a lot about the positioning of the product, its characteristics, the type of user to whom it is addressed, etc. Not to mention the more technical aspects in which packaging is involved, like effects on the shelf life…

There are innovations in packaging, like there are in flavours, in sweeteners, in process machinery or in any other aspect of chewing gum. New forms of packaging are designed to protect the product and to present it in the most appealing way to the consumer. Let’s take for example one of the latest: ID Gum launched by Mondelez not too long ago. This packaging contains magnetic elements that allow to be re-closed as many times as needed. It is the first time that this feature is applied to chewing gum so it deserves full consideration.

You can see more in this link from AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association)


Chewing gum against common cold. 20/05/2013

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Tags: , , , , , , , informs about a new gum designed by the Danish company Fertin which claims to enhance immunity and so preventing common cold.

The gum contains:

30mg of vitamin C

3,3 mg zinc

13,56 mg Echinacea

The first two ingredients have claims for immunity accepted by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), but not the last one.

Fertin is the leading company worldwide in functional and pharmaceutical gum. They are fully specialized in this attractive niche market since many years and have done a lot of research and patents. In this case, this product is presented in the dry version, this is tabletted (compressed) gum instead of the extruded way. Tabletting gum has certain advantages (lower processing temperature, no interaction with water, etc.) versus the more traditional production method via extrusion. In general this is the most viable way for many functional gums because the tableting process is less aggressive to the sometimes fragile active ingredient.

Those of you that have been reading my web for a while know that I have a special interest on any functional gum that appears on the market and any research around that. So i am happy each time I can share one of these with you. You can read the article in this link


ICGA 13/05/2013

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Today just a quick post to give you the link to the International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA).

This association comprises the main chewing gum manufacturers worldwide and also some gum base suppliers. It was generated in 2005 by the merger of the European and the North American associations. The web site contains some information about chewing gum (History, Fun facts, FAQs,…) which may be of your interest.


Encapsulation: Tastetech (UK) 10/05/2013

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Tastetech is a British company specialized in “Controled Release Food Flavourings and Ingredients” (using the same words that you can find in their website

As chewing gum technology moves to a higher complexity level worldwide, the need for encapsulated systems becomes more and more important. 20 years ago there were very few gums in the market using encapsulated systems. Today, consumers are much more demanding and, often, gums are sold as an “experience” more than just as a product, and this is a worldwide trend. Chewing gum producers must use more sophisticated formulations to meet these expectations.

When we think “encapsulation”, the first thing that comes to our mind is “flavour”. Encapsulated flavours play a critical role in one of the main aspects of the chewing gum: Long lasting (but also on the first impact!). By using encapsulated flavours, we can extend the perception of the flavour for a longer time. But then, we know that that perception is also linked to “sweetness”, and here “encapsulated intensive sweeteners” can play an important role. Tastetech is also producing those and I took this image from their web-site to illustrate this idea:




By combining the right encapsulated flavours and sweeteners we can clearly improve the quality of the gum. Top brands use those elements in their formulations.

We should not forget acids, as they can also be encapsulated, and they also play a role in the taste perception. Fruit flavours cannot be complete without the right acid in the chewing gum composition (citric, malic, tartaric,…)

And finally, and very important, the encapsulation of active ingredients. As we find more and more functional chewing gums in many countries (Japan is my personal favourite for that!) it becomes more necessary to protect those ingredients (which sometimes can be sensitive to temperature, oxidation, etc…), to control the release from the gum into the mouth, sometimes to mask undesirable taste or to provide a right flowability which helps in the handling of the whole. The encapsulation of those actives will clearly improve those characteristics versus a non-encapsulated version.


New sales office in Chile for Sanchez Cano 06/05/2013

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The Spanish company Sanchez Cano / Fini has recently opened a new sales office in Chile. They already have production facilities in Brazil and offices in UK and Portugal.

I find quite interesting that they focus in this market. Chile is not a huge market in terms of chewing gum volume, although Euromonitor reports a strong increase (like in most Latinamerica). The population (17 Milion) is not big, compared to other Southamerican markets (like Colombia, Argentina or Peru), but the income per capita is higher. The market leader in Chile is the local producer “Dos en Uno”, which currently belongs to the Argentinian giant Arcor. They hold above 75% market share, followed by Mondelez. I mentioned about interesting products from Fini in a previous post.


GUM BASE Co. – Italy 03/05/2013

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In ISM I met not only producers of chewing gum, also some suppliers were exhibiting there. Some days ago I talked about Beneo. Today about this italian company specialized in the production of gum base: Gum Base Co.

The company is part of Perfetti SpA and based near Milan, although they have production facilities also in Shanghai-China. Gum Base Co employs about 150 people and was founded back in 1967. I thank Mr Michel Benz for his time and explanations during the fair. The company is now noticing the interest on gum base to produce one of the latest trends in the industry: The gum tab consisting on two layers of chewing gum combined with a central layer of chewy candy. Gum Base Co. offers specific gum bases for this application. Mr Benz also explains that the liquid center filled gum is also in demand (although this has been around for much longer time). This type of gum requires some expertise and a perfect fine tuning of the ingredients and the machinery used in production. He notices a trend towards higher quality products, with higher profile. In the future the trend goes in the direction of healthcare/functional gum.

Gum Base Co also offers since some years PHARMAGUM (a gum in powder form designed for the pharmaceutical industry which can be directly compressible) and WELLGUM which is a specific solution that combines gum in powder form with active ingredients and then compressed into chewing gum (CPG – Compressed Powder Gum)

You can read more about this and other products and details of the company in their website: