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The company Sanchez Cano SA was founded in Molina de Segura, Murcia (South East of Spain) in 1973 and it is still owned by the family with the same name. They have about 550 employees at the moment and some years ago a factory in Brazil was added to the initial Spanish factory. The company has also branches in UK, Chile and Portugal. In their web-site ( they claim to be market leaders in Spain for Marshmallows, jellies and liquorice.

They have two main brands for chewing gum: FINI and KLET’S. They are specialists in balls (hollow of filled with liquid). The brand KLET’s covers the sugarfree dragees.

During last ISM, FINI launched a new version of the sugar free coated pillows, named KLET’S ENERGY, which contains taurine and caffeine. Also new was the “Burger Gum”: A bubble gum with interesting shape and also “MEGA COLA” which a gum with the shape of a cola bottle.

burger gumcola fini

I thank Mr Manolo Nicolas for his time and explanations and also for taking me to the stand in front of FINI, where I met Mr Max Eisenbud, who explained me about the chewing gum brand launched in August 2012 by the world-famous tennis player Maria Sharapova. The venture is named SUGARPOVA ( and includes different types of sweets, but in terms of gum they have nice tennis balls like the ones in the picture. This product is produced by Sanchez Cano  and that’s why I include it here. The image of both stands and the products are really outstanding.

tennis sugarpova ©2012


Finally, I attach a link to the article that Oliver Nieburg wrote for confectionery about the same companies which will help complete the information: link confectionerynews fini (©2013 William Reed Business Media SAS)



Colombina – Colombia 20/02/2013

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Colombina is a clear example or regional leader. The company, based in Cali (Colombia), has a long history, as it was founded back in 1918 by Mr Caicedo (and still today family-owned). Originally it was a sugar cane processing plant which later developed in the huge food company which it is today, with over 10.000 employees. The company is not only producing chewing gum, there are also all types of candies, jellies, marshmallow, chocolate, cookies, snacks, ice cream, sauces and jams. Colombina has 6 production plants, and chewing gum in produced in two of them, one in La Paila (near Cali) and the other in Guatemala. You can find more about the company in their web site 

The chewing gum brands are: BON BON BUM (a successful lollipop with gum inside), XTIME (coated dragees) and SPLOT (bubble gum balls).

There are no big novelties presented in ISM. Mr Miguel Mejía Tobón (to whom I thank for his time) mentions the “Wild apple” flavour for the BON BON BUM. He thinks that the future of the industry in his region will go more towards sugarfree products and added value products. This is the trend that we see in many regions of the world, as producers try to move away from the low-end products.


B II B – Denmark 19/02/2013

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Yesterday I was talking about Triki, the leading chewing gum manufacturer in Tunisia.

Today I’s like to present BIIB (Back-to-Basics).

This is a Danish-German-Tunisian company specialized in private label. It was founded in 2001 by Mr Kolind and Mr Barenholdt and they offer chewing gum, hard and soft candy, jellies and mints (compresssed tablets). Triki is one of the partners and, as such, some of the production of the company B11B is carried out in Tunisia. However they have also agreements with other producers. This flexibility allows them to offer several types, formats and presentations (sticks, dragees, filled dragees, in flip top box, in multipack, in plastic bottle, etc. ).

B11B is open to receive requests for any private label around the world, and they have as well their own brands, such as OXYDENT. In ISM they launched a gum with Stevia, one of the trends in the industry during last months and that has been discussed in this web in the past. So here we have the possibility to find more and more in the shops some chewing gum sweetened with Stevia!

I thank Mr Henrik Jorgensen for his time during ISM.


Triki – Tunisia 18/02/2013

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Let me today talk about another regional leader. This is Confiserie TRIKI – Le Moulin, located in the city of Sfax, in Tunisia.

I talked with Mr Sami Triki during the fair and I thank him for his time. He explained that the company was founded in 1948, it has two factories and about 550 employees. Triki produces not only gum (50%) but also hard candy (25%) and Halwa (25%). There is no specific launching during this fair but Triki is presenting its well known brands FLORIDA and FLORIDENT. The former is a sugared chewing gum in stick and coated dragees format. The second is a sugar free chewing gum in dragees presentation which comes in plastic bottles and in flip top boxes.

According to Mr Triki, they see a move back towards the stick format. It is true that some years ago we saw a switch to the dragees from other formats like sticks or tabs. This seems to be somehow reversing. We have seen in the market as well recently many “tabs” or “ministicks”, so this should also be taken into consideration. According to Mr Triki there is always room for innovation in chewing gum, one option could be compressed gum, another is through the addition of ingredients that will bring value.

Triki also has bubble gum, under the brands BALLON (a cut & wrap), SUPER JUMBO (hollow balls) and MANGO (fruit shape filled with liquid or powder).

You can find more about this company in their web:

The company Triki is also shareholder of B11B (Back to Basics) of which I will talk in a separate post.


Confiteca – Ecuador 15/02/2013

Confiteca, with headquarters in Quito – Ecuador and factories in Ecuador, Colombia (Confitecol) and Peru (Confiperu), is a leader in the chewing gum market in his area.

The company was founded in 1963 and owned by the Chiriboga family. It has about 1250 employees at the moment. They cover a very wide range of products, which includes chewing gum, hard and soft candy, chocolate and toys. More details in . I thank Mr Isaac Almeida for the time spent presenting the range of products.

Also, the range of chewing gum brands is extensive: TUMIX and ARTIC (dragees), AGOGO (Hollow balls),KATABOOM (balls filled with liquid) and SUPER HIPER ACIDO (filled with acid powder).

In last ISM, Confiteca presented PLOP!!, a 5 units sugarfree  gum in multipack and individual flowpack presentations. also TUMIX Sugarfree with a new presentation: individual flow pack.

This follows the trend that we find in many countries, which is the move towards sugarfree products, healthier for the teeth and withy more added value, moving away from the low cost / low margin products.

This company has a product which I consider specially interesting. It is not a novelty but I think it is worth mentioning here, because there are not many products like this in the world. It is a cotton gum, named DR LOOK PELUKLOCA. As this is a delicate product and can be easily damaged during transport and storage, it is presented inside a plastic jar which protects it conveniently. Here a photo:



Roelli Roelli Confectionery AG – Switzerland 14/02/2013

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This small family owned company based in St Gallen, offers a nice range of chewing gum, all of them sugar free.

The company was founded in 1997 and has about 10 employees at the moment. In their range they have not only chewing gum, but also hard and soft candy, jellies and some chocolate containing products. It is owned by the Roelli family. You can see more on their web site

Their chewing gum brands are DOC’s, FREEZER, PIX and HUSTOL. They come in many different sorts of packaging (plastic bottles, blister, flip top box, and even zip-bag). Most of them are coated gum pillows, but also mini-stick (or tabs). HUSTOL are filled dragees. The novelty in this ISM has been ALPRAUSCH (herbal gum) with new flavors. This product was exhibited in the ISM New Product Showcase.

Mr Nico Studer took the time to explain me the whole product range, so I thank him for that.

alprausch roelliroelli


Lusiteca – Portugal 13/02/2013

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Let me talk today about Lusiteca, the only Portuguese-owned chewing gum manufacturer. I’ve visited many times this company located in Mem Martins, not far from Lisboa/Lisbon. The company started in 1968 and currently has about 200 employees. They produce not only chewing gum, but also hard and soft candy. You can find more at

The company changed their image and logo last 2012, undertaking a major re-branding which brings more color, life and imagination.

Lusiteca has a very strong brand in bubble gum: GORILA, which is complemented by SUPER GORILA. The bubble gum has a range of 8 flavours, and every year a new one is coming. This ISM they presented a “Vintage Edition” for the Gorila, in which they include pictures of WW2 airplanes. This collection was already launched in the 70s and now Lusiteca is re-launching it in response of many customer’s requests.

You can find about the brand also in

At the fair I talked to Mr Francisco Ramos, Ms Isabel Madeira and Ms Adelaide Chefe. I thank them all for their time and kindness.



Batook – Saudi Arabia 12/02/2013

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I will start today the review of novelties in ISM talking about Batook.

This is a company in Dammam – Saudi Arabia, which is a reference in the Middle East. It was founded in the early 80s and it is a family owned company (Mr Batook himself) with more than 500 employees.

The produce chewing gum under their own brands and also for private label. The formats are sticks and coated pillows, both sugar and sugar free.

The classic brands in Batook are BIG KISS, NOVA and KLAST. It is under the KLAST brand that they present the new launches this ISM. KLAST is a premium sugar free product that comes in 4 different flavours.

This follows the trend of expansion that the company is facing, especially in the sugarfree segment.

I thank you Mr Ali Hussein El-Bar for his time with me during the fair.


ISM novelties 07/02/2013

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Back from ISM and recovering.

During the show I tried to gather all the novelties in the chewing gum field. I interviewed many companies and they have been glad to inform me about their product launches.

I will be posting during next days about all those companies and products. I hope you find it interesting!