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Colombina – Colombia 20/02/2013

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Colombina is a clear example or regional leader. The company, based in Cali (Colombia), has a long history, as it was founded back in 1918 by Mr Caicedo (and still today family-owned). Originally it was a sugar cane processing plant which later developed in the huge food company which it is today, with over 10.000 employees. The company is not only producing chewing gum, there are also all types of candies, jellies, marshmallow, chocolate, cookies, snacks, ice cream, sauces and jams. Colombina has 6 production plants, and chewing gum in produced in two of them, one in La Paila (near Cali) and the other in Guatemala. You can find more about the company in their web site 

The chewing gum brands are: BON BON BUM (a successful lollipop with gum inside), XTIME (coated dragees) and SPLOT (bubble gum balls).

There are no big novelties presented in ISM. Mr Miguel Mejía Tobón (to whom I thank for his time) mentions the “Wild apple” flavour for the BON BON BUM. He thinks that the future of the industry in his region will go more towards sugarfree products and added value products. This is the trend that we see in many regions of the world, as producers try to move away from the low-end products.


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