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Gum base market data and Pharmaceutical Gum 17/07/2012

Today I’d like to share with you some interesting figures about the gum base market and also data about where the chewing gum is produced. Instead of giving you here the figures, I prefer to refer you to the web-site of Cafosa, a leading gum base producer and supplier, which is where I found them.
Following the link below you will find those data and also some information about pharmaceutical chewing gum, including a webinar that took place some time ago.
I think it is really worth to have a look at it.

In other parts of the website you will other interesting information about other aspects of gum bases.


Chewing gum technology book 12/07/2012

For those of you that are interested on knowing more and more about technological aspects around chewing gum, I can reccommend the book “Formulation and Production of Chewing and Bubble Gum”, by Douglas Fritz. You can find it in different internet stores (  or  and others). In this book you will find the top relevant issues that interest you.


Kraft pushes for biodegradable gum 11/07/2012

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The giant Kraft has a post in its website asking for inputs that will help them develop a biodegradable gum base. Those inputs can be “novel and inventive ingredients, processing methods and technology solutions”
You can read more on:

It has been many years that the main players in the chewing gum field are researching in this direction, with many filed patents but limited results in the market. As the issue become hotter and hotter, maybe we can really see something relevant in the market soon….


New products 10/07/2012

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Did you know about Satiereal(R)? This ingredient coming from saffron is said to induce satiety, thus assisting on slimming and weight management diets. You can read more details about it on
This ingredient has been used by the company Fembody, in the US to produce a gum that claims these properties.

It is not my intention to support or promote this product. It IS my intention to show to you any chewing gum that goes out of the standard, like those using specific ingredients or having special shapes or packagings. This is on eo fhte reasons why I love Japan. The products that you find there are “special”, more sophisticated, using ingredients that are not so common in the rest of the world. If you come to know of any of these interesting products, please let me know.


More news about a biodegradable (?) gum base 09/07/2012

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Kraft (via RSSL center in UK) is looking for novel food approval for a new gum base recently developed. This gum base seems to contain a polymer currently used in cosmetic (oral care) products. You can read the article here:

What surprises me is that the article mentions that the expected time for degradation is going to be “equivalent to other synthetic polymer gum bases”.

We’ll wait for more news on this and see if finally we get a real breakthrough in the market.