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Who? 20/01/2012

My name is Joan Mestres. I live in Barcelona and I studied Chemistry, Biochemistry and an MBA. I started in the chewing gum industry in 1996. Since then, I’ve had different positions in different companies (both in Technical and in Sales responsibilities). I worked in more than 40 chewing gum factories and R&D centers, assisting customers in their chewing gum production (formulation, troubleshooting, new product development, etc). I’ve been giving lectures regularly in international institutions such as ZDS (Germany) and Leatherhead Food RA (UK) and also presenting different subjects around chewing gum technology, market trends or new products in Seminars in Singapore, Mexico and Switzerland. I am co-author of the only book published about chewing gum technology and have articles published in several specialized professional magazines.


Currently I offer the following services:

– New Product Development. Expansion of product range.

– Re-formulation or improvement of existing products.

– Advice on processing technology.

– Training and Seminars in-company.

– Market intelligence.

– Contacts with different suppliers related to chewing gum industry (flavours, gum base, sweeteners, colours, packaging material, machinery & engineering, …)


21 Responses to “Who?”

  1. Hola Joan, debemos conectarnos. Hay que explorar alternativas para una cooperación mutua.

  2. jim currie Says:

    Joan… I met you once in Barca many years ago when I was running Scanchem. I am looking for outlets in Spain for my L Carvone flavour…?? Can you help

  3. Josh E Says:

    Hi Joan,

    We are looking for some assistance in locating a suitable manufacturer for a new product range.

    We are hoping that you could assist?


  4. Josh E Says:


    I emailed you early last week – perhaps it was sent to your junk folder?

    I will try again now.


  5. Mauricio Bobadilla Says:

    Joan, estaré Martes y Miércoles en la feria, trabajando con Oak Leaf (Sweetwors). Coordinamos para encontrarnos?

  6. we are looking partner for manufacturer chewing gum buble gum areyou interested we send details sample catolog talking more information dont hesitate contact me

  7. Steve Says:

    Have you checked out Superfast Energy Gum?Available in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

  8. Don Lawson Says:

    Hi Joan, Wanted to make sure that you received my recent email regarding my video/song “She Snaps.” Looking forward to hearing from you. Just wanting to make sure that my email did not go into your spam folder. Hope you are well and thanks . . . . Don

  9. Don Lawson Says:

    Hi Joan, Just wanted to make sure that the email I sent you arrived. I sent it to
    I have a marketing idea for the chewing gum industry. Hope you are well . . . Don

  10. Robert Travisono Says:

    Hello Joan,
    So a friend and I have a bubble gum idea but are having trouble finding someone to put a formulation together for us or even have it produced. We are in the US and can’t seem to find the avenue. I contacted a middle man company that works with companies in Asia thinking that was the way to go financially anyway. The woman there said we needed a formulation. We have a certain ingredient that needs to be added to the formula along with the flavor. We have a great name for the gum, logo and marketing idea. We do own the domain name for our website but do not have it up and running. We are just two guys with what we think is a great idea. If you could be of any help or even point us in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Robert Travisono

  11. Felicia Says:

    Hello Joan,
    I heard about the job of being a chewing gum
    Consultant for someone business. I’m interested in the position I just don’t know who to contact to be consider for the job.
    Could you possible help me out

  12. Scott Simonetti Says:

    I am interested in your services. Please contact me , thanks

  13. Joan deberías tener estas publicaciones en Linkedin

  14. K Bhakta Says:

    Hello Joan,

    Interested in having you help us formulate recipes and provide teach-in/tutorial on-site!! I emailed you our description – hope to hear from you soon!

  15. Ryan Says:

    Hi Joan what is the best way to contact you?
    I’m looking for some help formulating my product.



  16. asim Says:

    Hello Joan.
    I am leaving my contact details here, if you need OEM, Private Label manufecturing facility to produce Chewing Gum sticks, we can do 7 different presentations of sticks under one roof. regards M. Asim
    Business Development Manager, Ceremony Bubble Gum & Sugar Free Gum Manufecturing,
    Mobile : +90 537 9118184 Tel: 0 342 220 08 70-72 Fax: 0 342 220 08 71

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