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Packaging 27/03/2012

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Today I attach two articles about packaging and sizes of the gum pieces. They are from the last quarter of last year but I had them in my files and I wanted to share them with you.

The first one is about US market and how the two giants try to go smaller in order to boost sales. Interestingly, smaller units have been the only way to sell gums in many developing countries. However, some years ago we saw big packagings being launched into the market in many developed countries (come to my mind the plastic bottles containing over 60 grams of dragees, devised to be convenient to carry in the car).

The second one describes a study carried out in Spain and it seems to go more around aesthetics (mentions the preference of customers for slim packaging and warm colours) than around the economical implications of using such packagings.

Both interesting, even from different markets and from different point of view.

Wrigley and Kraft opt for smaller gum packs at reduced rates to boost US sales and reflect consumer spending trends

25-Oct-2011 Oliver Nieburg


Spanish youth want slim pack gum in warm colours – study

17-Nov-2011 Oliver Nieburg

Young adults in Spain who are biggest chewing gum consumers in the nation prefer slim pack gums in warm colours, according to a report from Spanish researchers.

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And more on biodegradable gum 23/03/2012

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This article is not very new. I had it in my files, but as I did not have this blog at the time it was published, I do it now to add to the last articles about biodegradable chewing gum

By Oliver Nieburg 14-Nov-2011

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More biodegradable gum 22/03/2012

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Following the interesting thread from last post, I attach a link to an article about “Revolymer”, which promotes the polymer named Rev7 and claims that this material can degrade after a couple of years on the pavement.

According to the article, chewing gums containing the novelty can be found in some shops in USA (also named “Rev7”).

Here is the link to the company web-site: and if you want to know about the product

By Oliver Nieburg 4-Jan-2012

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One more attempt for biodegradable chewing gum

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Develop and launch a biodegradable chewing gum. This has been one of the most discussed issues (if not the most) during the recent years in our industry. All major players are working on that. New patents are filed regularly. But until now.. this has not been transferred to the shops. We can find only the “Rev7” (mentioned in my next post) following this claim.

Here is one recent article about this issue

By Oliver Nieburg 22-3-2102

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Kraft new name

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Kraft foods has announced that the new name for its Global Snacks Company will be MONDELEZ. The North American grocery business will keep the Kraft name.
We will be seeing this name on the shelves around the world. It sounds quite Spanish to me (this termination in “-ez” is like Spanish names Gomez, Martinez, Rodriguez, Sanchez…) but maybe is just a personal bias. I don’t know how it sounds to American (or other countries) ears. It seems that this name combines the words “Monde” (= world) and “Delez” (= delicious). So we have a “Delicious world” !!


Trade Fairs

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The other day I was mentioning Anuga as the next interesting Trade Fair. Today I’d like to mention three more:

Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago (USA) from 8 until 10 May for those interested in finished product.

Vitafoods Europe, in Geneva (Switzerland) from 22 until 24 May 2012  for those interested in nutraceuticals, functional ingredients and suplements.

Achema, in Frankfurt (Germany) from 18 until 22 June 2012 for those interested in machinery



Medicated confectionery 21/03/2012

I attach an article that, even if not discussing chewing gum in itself, it informs about medicated confectionery, so it is relevant for our industry. Adding functionality to the chewing gum has been one of the main drivers for growth in recent years, so we have to keep our eyes opened in this field.

Market opportunities in medicated confectionery – Leatherhead
By Oliver Nieburg, 26-Jan-2012

Medicated confectionery such as cough and throat sweets has enjoyed an upsurge in recent months and there is scope for new products to enter the category, according to Leatherhead Food Research

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Anuga Food Tech 2012 20/03/2012

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Just a reminder that next week (27-30 March) the 6th Anuga FoodTech in Cologne.


Cloetta + Leaf merger 19/03/2012

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If you have been in the Netherlands, you have seen for sure the gum named “Sportlife”. This is a leading brand in this country and produced by the well-known company LEAF. Recently this company merged with the Swedish CLOETTA.

This is a link to the company’s website where it informs about this fact.


Isomaltulose in chewing gum

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I attach a link about news on the use of isomaltulose in chewing gum. The company Beneo is promoting this feature.

You can learn more about the company in

I have been in touch with this supplier usually in relation to the use of “Isomalt” in chewing gum, which is a well-know and common ingredient to be used in sugar-free gums, specially in the coating of pellets.

Now we will need to follow the use of this new ingredient, isomaltulose…