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Sugar Confectionery Course in Leatherhead – UK 08/10/2014

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Next 6th November I will be presenting one more year during the “Sugar Confectionery Course” organized by Leatherhead Food Research. This course takes place from 4th until 6th November in Leatherhead (near London, UK).

Like almost every year since 1998, I will talk about chewing gum technology and, most important, take the questions from the audience and discuss any issue around the chewing gum industry that is of interest. I always find this experience very enjoyable.

I hope to see you some of you there!

Extract from their web-site (which you can access clicking the link above)

This essential three-day course provides a practical knowledge of the basic principles in the diverse area of sugar confectionery manufacture. You will benefit from the knowledge of industry experts, acquiring the ability to predict the effects of formulation changes and process modifications on products and apply that knowledge in troubleshooting situations. 

Sugar Confectionery Production encourages interaction and includes several hands-on practical sessions as a key part of the course where delegates will prepare confectionery products and learn to characterise them. Designed to cover all aspects of confectionery production, this well-established course will benefit personnel from different backgrounds wishing to gain or improve their knowledge of confectionery systems.”


Leatherhead 14/11/2012

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Last week I gave a presentation about Gum Technology in Leatherhead (UK). It was short (it usually happens to me that I extend too much when talking about chewing gum! ) but also very interesting and got very sharp questions from the audience, which is always challenging. I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to be there next year again.
Now comes a period when not many big events around chewing gum happen. One of them can be HiE (Health ingredients Europe), in Frankfurt, that is taking place just now, but the main next event will be ISM’13 by end of January (27th-30th) in Cologne, together with ProSweets.



Next lectures 24/09/2012

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During next weeks I will be giving presentations about Chewing gum technology in two well-recognized organizations.

The first will be ZDS, in Solingen/Germany, on 29th October. They have a four-week long Sugar Confectionery Course dealing with all what is around technologies in this field (candy, jelly, marshmallow, coating, …) and I will be glad to discuss for eight hours with the participants about different aspects of chewing gum. Participants come from all around the world. You can find out more in

The second one will be in Leatherhead, United Kingdom, on 8th November. Here there is also a Sugar Confectionery Course and I will take care of the chewing gum presentation. The web is

I have been lecturing in both places for more than 10 years and I must say that it is one of the most enjoyable moments of the year for me. I always find interesting to exchange ideas and experiences with other people


Medicated confectionery 21/03/2012

I attach an article that, even if not discussing chewing gum in itself, it informs about medicated confectionery, so it is relevant for our industry. Adding functionality to the chewing gum has been one of the main drivers for growth in recent years, so we have to keep our eyes opened in this field.

Market opportunities in medicated confectionery – Leatherhead
By Oliver Nieburg, 26-Jan-2012

Medicated confectionery such as cough and throat sweets has enjoyed an upsurge in recent months and there is scope for new products to enter the category, according to Leatherhead Food Research

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