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Chewing gum is bad for short-term memory! Can you believe that? 16/05/2012

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Maybe now I know the reasons for my memory problems!

A new study shows that chewing a gum has a negative effect on the short term memory. That’s interesting because there are some studies proving more or less the opposite. Please see the link for details of this new study. I find the whole thing┬áreally surprising, and the last sentence of the article is the best! Flavour companies: Cheers!

By Oliver Nieburg 10-5-2012


Smaller gum packages

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Continuing the last post, there are still more news about this trend in US. Producers go into smaller packs of chewing gum in order to position themselves in the right unit price.

Considering the economic crisis in most of Europe, I would not be surprised that this crosses the Atlantic quite soon. Let’s count the weeks….

By Oliver Nieburg.