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JAWLINER – Germany 03/05/2023

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Back from ISM, which is always a great place where to meet friends, colleagues and customers. Also a perfect place to get an idea about the industry, see trends and new products.

I like showing here new products I discover and this one today is really special: A gum that is designed to strengthen your jaw muscles. The chew is really hard, the hardest I’ve ever seen and this is exercising your jaw. I find the concept very revolutionary. It is a German company commercializing it. You can learn more in their website

I will be posting about other news from ISM as soon as i can, but now heading to Interpack, Düsseldorf and then Vitafoods, Geneva. Let’s see what I can find and learn there!


Probiotic gum 09/02/2022

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When we talk about functional gum, we must mention the PROBIOTIC launched by the Spanish company CHICKLES. I was amazed to discover it in ISM. I thank Mr Samuel Bonete for his detailed explanation at their stand. Developing a probiotic gum is something different from any other functional gum that we can find in the market, it is disruptive.

The gum contains Bifidobacterium Lactis (BFL1) and claims to reduce weight (it focuses on the waist in particular). In fact the well-documented website contains scientific evidence to support this claim. I invite you to visit it and learn about the properties of this innovative chewing gum.


Chewing gum that changes flavour to detect disease 09/06/2015

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Chewing gum that changes flavour to detect disease.


SUPER DE ALIMENTOS – Colombia 11/03/2014

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This is a historical company in Colombia. The initial company was founded in 1948, although it had another name at that time, and through different acquisitions and changes it became SUPER in the 80s. Nowadays it employs more than 1200 people.

The company produces a wide range of confectionery (lollipops, marshmallows, soft and hard candies, jellies, …) but if we focus on gum we find:

CHAO. Refreshing round dragees with mint flavor. The gums come in stylish plastic containers with flip top or in individual pieces flow-pack. The brand covers also other refreshing products, like chewy candies.

BOMBAZO: Individual piece cut&wrap. It is a co-extruded product so it combines two flavors/two colors. The center of the gum is different than the outside and the combinations are: Strawberry-blackberry, Strawberry-Banana, Strawberry-Green Apple, Strawberry-Tutti Frutti and Strawberry-Watermelon. Under the same brand umbrella there are also chewy candies.

REVOLCON: Hyper acid individual piece of gum in flow pack wrapping. The acid comes as powder filled in the gum. It comes in four different flavors: Red fruits, cherry-hot lemon, strawberry- apple, and blueberry.

LOKIÑO: Lollipop filled with gum.

Here is it the link to their website ( and I thank Ms Lorena Botero for her kindness.

SUPER revolconChicle


First anniversary 20/01/2013

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Exactly one year ago I started this blog. Since then many people visited it, some are following it, some other commented… I thank you all for the support. As you can see my intention is to bring to you news and info about the chewing gum industry. Today, I’d like to ask you, reader of this blog, to tell me if there is anything you would like to see posted here, any subject that I am missing or you would like to see enhanced. You can post your comment to this popst or you can write to my e-mail:
Thanks again and hope to have been useful and interesting to you. I will keep posting about chewing gum!


Chewing gum consultant 08/01/2013

Happy New Year 2013!!!

As some people has been asking me recently about the type of consultancy that I offer, I’d like today to post about this issue.


By clicking on the “Who?” tab you can see a bit of my CV and there I explain about the services I provide, which are both in the technical and in the marketing fields, always involving chewing gum.

I’ve been doing international seminars for many years and I enjoy a lot the training aspect of my job. I took my first steps in the chewing gum world and learnt initially from Douglas Fritz. Doug is still a key reference in the chewing gum world and I want to express my appreciation and admiration from here. He also invited me to participate in his book “Formulation and Production of Chewing and Bubble Gum”, Kennedy’s Publications Ltd, London , UK.

I also participated a lot in the exciting area of New Product Development, working in many research centers and together with R&D Departments of important companies worldwide I participated in the creation of some of the chewing gums that are today in the market. I have experience both in formulation/ingredients  and also from the process/machinery point of view.

Finally, as I was for 8 years working in Sales, taking care of the commercial activity in 35 different countries around the world, I can look at the chewing gum world from the Marketing and Sales point of view. I like studying the trends of the market and keeping contact with all the players of the industry (ingredient suppliers, machinery suppliers, chewing gum manufacturers,…).

You can contact me in my e-mail: and I’ll be glad to answer your requests. Of course, if you want to send me information to be posted in this blog, I’d very much appreciate it as well!

I will be attending next ISM and ProSweets (Cologne, Germany 27th – 31th January) so I hope to see you there as well.




Curiosity – old, old chewing gum… 22/11/2012

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Fairs, market reports, new product development, etc. are not all in this life! There is also time for some funny stories around chewing gum. In the link you will see an article about Neolithic chewing gum (!). I wonder if they were already sticking it under the (stone) table…



Chewing gum! 20/01/2012

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I start today this adventure around the world of chewing gum.

14 years working in this passionating field and a willingness of sharing news, experiences, findings and comments about this industry, made me decide to open this blog.

This must be a place where professionals find relevant information and interesting data. I will be glad to hear your pieces of info and comments which will help enrich the blog. Your are most welcome!