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CHOCOLAT FREY – Switzerland 23/04/2013

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Today is the last post about chewing gum companies that I visited in ISM. And today’s company is an important one: Chocolat Frey is an institution in Switzerland and abroad. They produce chocolate (their main product, as the company name indicates) and chewing gum. It was founded back in 1887 (!) and employs about 870 people today. The production of chewing gum started in 1974. It belongs to the mighty Migros group. One can feel the presence of Migros almost everywhere in Switzerland. You can read more about the company in their web-site: and even in wikipedia. However they have their own website specifically designed for chewing gum:

In terms of chewing gum, they have their own brands (SKAI and CANDIDA) but the company is strong in production for private label. This ISM they presented premium coatings with different colours. Their dragees are excellent and they have in their range sugarfree bubble gum dragees, which is not common at all! Chocolat Frey also offers many types of packaging: blister, sleeve, flip-top box, zip bag, plastic bottles… All their products are sugar free and they have dental chewing gums which contain different active ingredients which make the product (e.g. Candida) a functional gum.

I thank Mr Benjamin Frei for his time and explanations during ISM.


SAET SWEETS – Spain 22/04/2013

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This company, founded in 2005 (although with origins dating back to 1916!) and located south of Barcelona, is not a chewing gum producer. They are experts in licorice and also in tabletted products (both dextrose and sugar free). They launched some products in those fields last ISM.

The company employs 10 people and it is managed by Mr Javier Torrents (to who I thank for his time during the Fair). I mention them here because they distribute chewing gum. They have an interesting format: small tins that make them suitable for private label. You can see here one of them (Bad Toro) and some other examples:

bad torotins saet

In those tins they can put chewing gum or many other confectionery products.

You can read more about the company and find their catalog in their web-site:


Biodegradable gum 20/04/2013

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Now it’s been a while since I last posted about biodegradable gum.

So for those of you interested on the subject, here is a link to which informs about a new patent being filed by Mondelez on this matter.

As you know, this is a hot subject and many companies are working on developing this type of gum which would be more environmentally friendly. There is a product already in the market, Rev7 but it does not seem to really take off. In fact it has been withdrawn from the US market. All the research turn mainly about news types of polymers. There are many polymers which degrade easier than the ones currently in use, but they do not offer an acceptable chewability. So the main task is to find  a polymer with the right degradability and nice chew profile. In this case, the article and the related patent mentions “alternating copolymer of C2-C10 alkene and maleic anhydride”.


ALADIM – Brazil 19/04/2013

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Today’s post about a Brazilian bubble gum maker: ALADIM, based in the city of Mirassol, produces not only gum but also chewy candy, jellies, powder drinks, toy candy,  lollipops and hard candy!

The company was founded in 1965 and is still family owned (second generation of Amendola). You can read more in their website:

In terms of gum, they produce cut & wrap bubble gum  and lollipops filled with gum. Interestingly, one of the cut & wrap products named DOIDAO paints the tongue in blue. Another one, “MAGIC COLOR”, changes color. This is obtained by using the right combination of colorant. The rest of cut & wrap gums contain stickers (cars, dinosaurs, robots, …)

I thank Mr Daniel Benmuhar for his time and explanations during ISM.


Second hand machinery 18/04/2013

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Today i am not talking about a new product or ingredient.

Today I inform about a company in Spain that wants to stop its chewing gum production and has put its production line for sale.

This company is named DAMEL and located near Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast. I think it is a pity that this happens because they have a brand (“Cheiw”) which I associate with my childhood. Probably my first bubble gums were “Cheiw”. However it seems that nowadays they are focused on other type of confectionery (chewy candy, liquorice, hard candy, jellies,…) and good old “Cheiw” is not their target anymore. That’s why they offer a full cut & wrap production line (mixer, extruder, cooling tunnel, etc…) for sale.

In case you read this and are interested you can contact directly Mr Angel Cerdà at:


Printed gum. Mondelez Patent 15/04/2013

Mondelez has filed a patent related to a new system of printing gum. you see the link to the article in here and the link to the patent itself here

Printed gum has been around for decades. I remember “Fruit Stripes” by Wrigley…



but the newest launch in this field has been “ID” from Mondelez, so this patent refers to this product. I presented this one on my post on 13th August 2012.



There are also hollow balls in the market which are printed on the coated surface. Come to my mind the ones from Confiteca (Ecuador) named “agogo” and the one from Zed Gum (Ireland) which I discussed in my post about this company from last ISM.


Chewing gum (non producers) 12/04/2013

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In ISM I met not only many companies producing and selling their chewing gums, but also some others that are only taking care of the commercial part, and leaving the production to others.

Of course the number of the producers in the fair are much higher than the number of these commercializing companies, but I’d like to mention at least three here:


This Danish company combines confectionery with fashion. They are experts in mints but they also have now a Gum version. Their packaging is really outstanding: Tin boxes with incredible designs which give a premium look to the product. Their BlinkGum comes in three different flavors and the gum itself is a two-layer compressed piece. So, in this case, not only the packaging is unique, but the product inside is exceptional. This is the link to their web: blink


German company selling gum (coated dragees filled with liquid) in many different interesting packagings. Design is also in their focus. The plastic bottles are their strong point and they are modifying them to adapt to different circumstances. Like the football, basketball or tennis versions, or the one with a lanyard.:

GumBox_KerryGum_Fussball_mGumBox_KerryGum_-Basketball_m GumBox_KerryGum_Tennis_mGumPocket_KerryGum_Lanyard_m

They also have blister presentations. One of the versions (which I did not find in their website but was presented in ISM) was Keery Gum Energy, which claims to contain Caffeine, Guarana and Taurin. This the link to their website (only in German): Kerry gum


German company commercializing chewing gum dragees in different presentations. I am sorry, I could not find their web site.


Chewing gum is good for your brain (true?) 10/04/2013

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With all this review of companies in ISM and new products presented there, I almost forgot an article appeared on on 5th February.

This article discusses about the studies that suggest that the action of chewing gum increases the blood flow into the brain and then increases the alertness or capacity of attention of the that study was carried out on 17 individuals, it seems that there is not enough grounds to establish a proper conclusion.

This is the link to the article: GUM and BRAIN

This is the link to the study itself: STUDY

And this is the link to my previous post discussing about the (bad) effect of gum on Short term memory: GUM MEMORY

My personal opinion is that all those studies are acceptable as starting point, but more research should be conducted before producing a final statement.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome!


JAKE – Spain 09/04/2013

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JAKE SA is located in the Murcia region, South East of Spain. It was founded in 1976 and owned nowadays by Mr Emilio Vicente. It employs over 100 people. You can learn more in their website:

They produce many types of confectionery: Hard and soft candy, jellies, licorice and… of course, gum! They focus on kids products, around the concept of fun. They also stress the fact that many of their products are Gluten free.

Within the gum segment they are experts in balls (hollow or filled), melons, bottles and other round shapes. JAKE has also lollipop filled with gum. Some of the brands are FRUTI SPLASH (liquid filled balls presented in individual flow pack), SUPER GUM (lollipop with gum), BLUE/RED/GREEN EXPLOSION (filled balls which paint the tongue with color). The novelty of this last ISM was the brand MEGATRON which includes both a lollipop and a super sour ball presented in individual flow pack.

You can find the full catalogue clicking here

I thank Mr Antonio López for his time and explanations during ISM.



Functional Gum in Mexico 08/04/2013

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More news about functional gum being published by http://www.confectionery

Some days ago the focus was Holland and today is on Mexico.

In these two countries, like in many others, the growth of chewing gum is expected to be higher than the growth in other confectionery fields. and the main driver for that is the potential functionality that a chewing gum can contain. Of course the health claim is a key aspect in many markets and an issue that consumers value more and more. Then, of course, becomes a major issue for producers of chewing gums (and almost any other food product, I’d say).

The article also mentions that fruit flavours are the most popular in that country and gives some figures from Euromonitor about the market shares (with mention to one of the companies that I described some days ago: PISSA)

Again, good article from Oliver Nieburg of!

Here is the link:

Functional gum in Mexico