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PRAN – Bangladesh 30/05/2018

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Today I will not talk about functional gums. Let me go back to the traditional single piece of bubble gum, which is still extremely popular in many countries. It might not be the case in Europe or US anymore, but I would like to introduce today the company PRAN Foods from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This company produces a huge range of food products: Beverage, Biscuit, Dairy, Frozen foods, snacks, but the most interesting for this website is the confectionery range, and within this category, the gum. PRAN has different types of gum:

  • Center filled, with brands like FRUITFIL, ATOM, KLAK or POWER GUM
  • Football gum: In flowpacks containing individual pieces
  • Bubble gum: Individual cut & wrap pieces with brands like MAGIC GUM or KIDS HERO
  • Ball gum: Twist wrapped hollow balls, which is quite an unusual presentation!
  • Chewing gum under the brand XCEL, coated dragees


I leave you with the website of the group and a picture of the cut & wrap bubble gum: 



SAET – Spain 02/04/2014

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SAET is not a chewing gum producer itself (their strong point is licorice) but they offer some gums in their range, taking advantage of some licensing agreements that they have signed. some examples are the deals with Football Clubs (FC Barcelona, Real Madris, AC Milan and Juventus). They can offer gums under those “brands”. They also present a single pice with tattoo or a double piece with “mega-tatoo”.

I refer also to my previous post about this company: SAET

I thank Mr Torrens for his time and kindness.

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ALADIM – Brazil 19/04/2013

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Today’s post about a Brazilian bubble gum maker: ALADIM, based in the city of Mirassol, produces not only gum but also chewy candy, jellies, powder drinks, toy candy,  lollipops and hard candy!

The company was founded in 1965 and is still family owned (second generation of Amendola). You can read more in their website:

In terms of gum, they produce cut & wrap bubble gum  and lollipops filled with gum. Interestingly, one of the cut & wrap products named DOIDAO paints the tongue in blue. Another one, “MAGIC COLOR”, changes color. This is obtained by using the right combination of colorant. The rest of cut & wrap gums contain stickers (cars, dinosaurs, robots, …)

I thank Mr Daniel Benmuhar for his time and explanations during ISM.


Second hand machinery 18/04/2013

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Today i am not talking about a new product or ingredient.

Today I inform about a company in Spain that wants to stop its chewing gum production and has put its production line for sale.

This company is named DAMEL and located near Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast. I think it is a pity that this happens because they have a brand (“Cheiw”) which I associate with my childhood. Probably my first bubble gums were “Cheiw”. However it seems that nowadays they are focused on other type of confectionery (chewy candy, liquorice, hard candy, jellies,…) and good old “Cheiw” is not their target anymore. That’s why they offer a full cut & wrap production line (mixer, extruder, cooling tunnel, etc…) for sale.

In case you read this and are interested you can contact directly Mr Angel Cerdà at: