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ALADIM – Brazil 19/04/2013

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Today’s post about a Brazilian bubble gum maker: ALADIM, based in the city of Mirassol, produces not only gum but also chewy candy, jellies, powder drinks, toy candy, ¬†lollipops and hard candy!

The company was founded in 1965 and is still family owned (second generation of Amendola). You can read more in their website:

In terms of gum, they produce cut & wrap bubble gum ¬†and lollipops filled with gum. Interestingly, one of the cut & wrap products named DOIDAO paints the tongue in blue. Another one, “MAGIC COLOR”, changes color. This is obtained by using the right combination of colorant. The rest of cut & wrap gums contain stickers (cars, dinosaurs, robots, …)

I thank Mr Daniel Benmuhar for his time and explanations during ISM.