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SWEET GUM – Brazil 29/05/2018

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The number of Gum Base suppliers in the world is quite stable. There are no big ups and downs in this field and the number of options is quite limited. Maybe the last “big news” on this aspect were the disappearence of one of pioneers: “LA Dreyfus”, founded in 1909 and merged with Cafosa on 2005 (already a long time ago!) and the more recent acquisition of the Belgium-based “Eurobase” by the Italian “Ferrero” in 2016.

That’s why when I get news about another player, I want to share them with you. This is the case of “Sweet Gum”, from Brazil ( The company belongs to the RB group and they offer a range if gum bases for different applications (chewing, bubble, non sticking, …). RB Group is specialist on gum rosin, gum turpentine and derivatives (which are ingredietns of the gum base itself).

I think it is interesting to have new players in this market and I look forward to see the development of such new offer!


ALADIM – Brazil 19/04/2013

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Today’s post about a Brazilian bubble gum maker: ALADIM, based in the city of Mirassol, produces not only gum but also chewy candy, jellies, powder drinks, toy candy, ¬†lollipops and hard candy!

The company was founded in 1965 and is still family owned (second generation of Amendola). You can read more in their website:

In terms of gum, they produce cut & wrap bubble gum ¬†and lollipops filled with gum. Interestingly, one of the cut & wrap products named DOIDAO paints the tongue in blue. Another one, “MAGIC COLOR”, changes color. This is obtained by using the right combination of colorant. The rest of cut & wrap gums contain stickers (cars, dinosaurs, robots, …)

I thank Mr Daniel Benmuhar for his time and explanations during ISM.