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ASCOM – Germany 26/02/2015

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The German company Ascom (, based in Walldorf, introduced a new line of innovative products last ISM. This goes under the umbrella of “Go Yellow”. The first products launched are 2 types of gum cubes (“super sour” and “cotton candy” flavors) and one type of gum globe/lentil  (peppermint flavor). They are all presented in flip-top boxes and using characters from “The Simpsons”. The pieces have a light coating with powder which enhances the initial impact.

I always liked the presentation in cube and wonder why it is not more extensive. The most well-know example is the Ice-Cube by Icebreakers (Hershey) and I am happy to see more companies launching this format.


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Stabilised Menthol Plus – Tastetech (UK) 25/02/2015

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I refer today to the advertised launching from the company Tastetech, in Bristol – UK.

The company says that their product “stabilized menthol plus” is a fine menthol powder which offers the following benefits:

1- Saves up to 50% of your menthol costs

2- Contains 95% menthol

3- Gives you 5 fold more impact

4- Is a free flowing powder

5- It is resistant to recrystallization

6- It is easy to dose

and (this is the reason to include it here) it is suitable for chewing gum.

It can be used to replace the larger menthol crystals that are used by the industry. Other menthol in powder in the market contain a much lower amount of pure menthol because a large percentage of carrier (starch or gum acacia) is used.

 You can read more about this product on their website 

Drive Gum – Italy 12/02/2015

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In ISM I met Mr Nazareno Mario Ciccarello, CEO and CoFounder of the company Functional Gum s.r.l. in Italy, which were presenting their “DRIVE GUM”.

I mentioned this product in a previous post, but now I can update the information. It is a chewing gum in form of coated dragees and presented in blister pack (with 10 pieces per pack). The gum contains caffeine and claims “Energy + concentration” due to the fact of combining the well-know effect of caffeine on the body and also the studies that show that the action of chewing also helps to improve alertness. It comes with mint flavour. Its retail price is from 1,99 to 2,50 Eur per pack. It is sugarer, gluten free and claims the reduced calorie intake compared energy drinks (which could have the same effect on alertness). The company also advertises the convenience of using chewing gum for this purpose and, I would add, in general as a vector to include a functional ingredient.

I leave you with one image of the product and the link to their web:



ISM 2015 11/02/2015

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Back from this year’s ISM (and Prosweets) exhibition in Cologne / Germany.

I repeat myself when I say that this fair seems smaller and smaller every year, so I will not insist on this. It is still an impressive show and a very interesting meeting point for the confectionery industry. I have seen a few novelties (not many because most the companies I visited were not really presenting anything new) which i will be talking about during next posts.