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Chewing Gum and Chewy Candy Combination 22/08/2012

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The last trend launched into the market in terms of chewing gum format or presentation has been a co-extruded tab consisting on 3 layers of product. Kraft-Cadbury was the first to come with this innovation and named it “Trident Layers”. This is a sort of “sandwich” gum where the top and bottom layers are gum, and the middle layer is chewy candy with a different flavor. Really interesting mix! Then, the same company has launched the same concept under other brands that they own. For instance “Stride” in Japan and “Beldent” in Argentina. Other companies launched a similar product: Perfetti with the well-known “Mentos” brand and also “Vivident”. In this case, this company dared to go for three completely different layers, as you can see in the photo attached, each one with a different color and/or flavour. Recently Lotte, in Japan, joined the trend and launched “Zeus” gum. In this case they used a completely new brand and did not use any existing one (“BlackBlack”, “Xylitol”, “Green Gum”, etc…). “Zeus” gum has a really strong taste (the image on the packaging refers to a storm and lightning), whicb is quite unusual for the Japanese market, which usually prefers mild flavors. Let’s see how it performs in the market.

We will probably see other products in the market that use this innovative concept of mixing gum and chewy candy. And of course, this opens the door to other combinations…



“New” product – Marijuana 20/08/2012

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I received an article informing about a new chewing gum in the US. This time, the novelty that is announced is the active ingredient: Marijuana. According to the article it will be marketed Over-The-Counter, claiming health benefits.
What is more arguable is the declaration that this will be “the first cannabinoid based chewing gum to hit the market”… I have samples, bought in Amsterdam about 10 years ago that claim to contain marihuana as well. Of course, I have not analyzed to confirm if the claim is true, but in this case this “new” US product will not be the first one to be launched.

In any case, this development falls in the category of “functional gum”, added-value product, which tries to offer added benefits to the consumer.We find many launchings in this direction every year, which is a clear confirmation of this market trend.





Market data 13/08/2012

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A new report from Kantar Media shows that Iran and Saudi Arabia are the countries with the highest consumption of chewing gum. Important to note that the report does not mention consumption per capita but, instead, percentage of the population that chew gum.

Although the two big world-wide players (Wrigley and Cadbury) are present in these markets, there is also a wide range of local producers, specially in Iran. Leading local production in Saudi Arabia is Batook, while in Iran we find Pars Minoo, Shirin Asal, Parastoo and up to more than 10 producers of chewing gum.

You can find this news published by in the following link.

and the original here:–resources/press-releases/more-gum-chewed-in-the-middle-east-than-the-usa.aspx


New Product, more!

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Some days ago I was mentioning an interesting product from Wrigley in Australia. Today it is Cadbury’s turn, and they have a new product in the US named “ID“. This gum, targeted to teenagers has two main characteristics: The first is a printed surface with different designs (there are some products in the market with this feature but none of them has been launched recently). The second interesting characteristic is a packaging with a magnet in the sleeve so it can be properly closed.

I attach below a link where you can read more about this product:

and this one that discusses about this product and some other novelties in the chewing gum market:



New Product from Australia 11/08/2012

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The other day I came across this interesting product from Wrigley Australia. They are the classical gum tabs in a multipack, but what is interesting are the two stripes placed on the top of the piece. It seems to be a coextruded product but in this case they are not blending two types of gum with different flavours or colors (which is the most typical case when coextruding) but they are using instead these two stripes of powder. It comes under the umbrella of “EXTRA” brand and there is a different flavour range. I tasted the powder and it does not seem to me to contain xylitol (no big cooling effect), so I think that it might be some isomalt with some flavor (?), just a guess. I do not know how long this has been in the market for, so it might not be a really new product, but in any case for sure it is worth mentioning.