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Market data 13/08/2012

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A new report from Kantar Media shows that Iran and Saudi Arabia are the countries with the highest consumption of chewing gum. Important to note that the report does not mention consumption per capita but, instead, percentage of the population that chew gum.

Although the two big world-wide players (Wrigley and Cadbury) are present in these markets, there is also a wide range of local producers, specially in Iran. Leading local production in Saudi Arabia is Batook, while in Iran we find Pars Minoo, Shirin Asal, Parastoo and up to more than 10 producers of chewing gum.

You can find this news published by in the following link.

and the original here:–resources/press-releases/more-gum-chewed-in-the-middle-east-than-the-usa.aspx


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