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Masterfoodeh – Iran 17/02/2017

This new player in the Iranian chewing gum scene is the first time that exhibits in ISM. They produce different brands of chewing gum: Biodent, Nature Dent, Action.

The presentations are also diverse (dragees in fliptop box or ministicks in multipack), as the range of flavors, including some really excetional like “mojito”, “camomile”, “walnut oil” and “frankincense”!

Following my post from yesterday, I’d like to mention the “Nature Dent” brand, which claims to contain natural gum base (it is not clear to me what they mean by this) and no atificial flavors and colors, no aspartame or sucralose. No additives or preservatives and GMO Free. The gum base is “of course biodegradable”, which is very interesting. So the product is claimed to be 100% natural and organic.

This follows the trend already mentioned of “clean label”. More and more consumers worldwide don’t like to have those “weird” names of ingredients written  the label of the product (antioxidant, artificial sweetener, …) and the manufacturers, of course, need to adapt their products to this demand.

Diffeent varieties of Nature Dent also claim to “improve your memory”.



“Action” brand turns around the idea of Energy, Excitement and Dynamism.

“Biodent” is the widest brand, sugarfree and with many flavors and packagings. There are two sub-brands named “Stardent” and “Vitadent” and all them claim oral care properties. The presentation of those products is really impressive, with a very smart design and bright colors. Special mention to the printing in Braile in the “Biodent mojito”




PARS MINOO – Iran 07/04/2014

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This Iranian company is the third year that exhibits in the fair. It is interesting because there are not many companies from Iran in the show.

PARS MINOO have a range of sugar free dragees presented in different flavors and packaging. There flip top boxes but also the traditional multipack of 10 drags and another multipack with 4 dragees. Some typical flavors are: Orange, Spearmint, Peppermint and Strawberry.

I thank Ms Sakhbaz for her time and explanations. You can learn more about this company checking


parsminoo white


Market data 13/08/2012

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A new report from Kantar Media shows that Iran and Saudi Arabia are the countries with the highest consumption of chewing gum. Important to note that the report does not mention consumption per capita but, instead, percentage of the population that chew gum.

Although the two big world-wide players (Wrigley and Cadbury) are present in these markets, there is also a wide range of local producers, specially in Iran. Leading local production in Saudi Arabia is Batook, while in Iran we find Pars Minoo, Shirin Asal, Parastoo and up to more than 10 producers of chewing gum.

You can find this news published by in the following link.

and the original here:–resources/press-releases/more-gum-chewed-in-the-middle-east-than-the-usa.aspx