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Chewing gum that changes flavour to detect disease 09/06/2015

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Chewing gum that changes flavour to detect disease.


Chewing gum that changes flavour to detect disease

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Today I post about an advanced use of chewing gum. I attach a link to the article which describes the research that it is being conducted, within the EU frame, about the use of chewing gum for an early detection of some oral diseases.

This type of reasearch can lead to other interesting and useful applications in the future!


Optimistic forecast for chewing gum 01/06/2015

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After some years of not-so-good figures for the gum market, it is good to see that some relevant players with optimistic views.

In the article published last 20th March (link) by confectionery, the VicePresident of global consumer and industry affairs of Hershey says that the reason (or maybe one of the reasons!) for the weak performance of gum in the US market has been the excess of references, a range of offer which is too broad. Once this element has been identified, the producers (according to him) will be able to take the necessary action and reverse the trend, hopefully returning to positive figures.

The article shows some interesting figures of the US market and Euromonitor data (which seems to be not as optimistic as Hershey’s VP…)