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New Product from Australia 11/08/2012

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The other day I came across this interesting product from Wrigley Australia. They are the classical gum tabs in a multipack, but what is interesting are the two stripes placed on the top of the piece. It seems to be a coextruded product but in this case they are not blending two types of gum with different flavours or colors (which is the most typical case when coextruding) but they are using instead these two stripes of powder. It comes under the umbrella of “EXTRA” brand and there is a different flavour range. I tasted the powder and it does not seem to me to contain xylitol (no big cooling effect), so I think that it might be some isomalt with some flavor (?), just a guess. I do not know how long this has been in the market for, so it might not be a really new product, but in any case for sure it is worth mentioning.


2 Responses to “New Product from Australia”

  1. J.D. Says:

    I’m in Australia, and this has only shown up in the stores in the last few months, if I recall correctly — so it’s fairly new.

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