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Second hand machinery 18/04/2013

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Today i am not talking about a new product or ingredient.

Today I inform about a company in Spain that wants to stop its chewing gum production and has put its production line for sale.

This company is named DAMEL and located near Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast. I think it is a pity that this happens because they have a brand (“Cheiw”) which I associate with my childhood. Probably my first bubble gums were “Cheiw”. However it seems that nowadays they are focused on other type of confectionery (chewy candy, liquorice, hard candy, jellies,…) and good old “Cheiw” is not their target anymore. That’s why they offer a full cut & wrap production line (mixer, extruder, cooling tunnel, etc…) for sale.

In case you read this and are interested you can contact directly Mr Angel Cerdà at:


2 Responses to “Second hand machinery”

  1. F. Mohamed Says:

    Hello Mr Angela Cerda
    would you please advise me your email address…….I’ve tried to contact you
    through the email provided here but the email fails to go through

    • Joan Mestres Says:

      Dear Mohamed,

      This post is from 2013, 4 years ago. So it is not applicable anymore.Mr Cerdá is not in the company anymore.
      Thanks for contacting and best regards.

      Joan Mestres

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