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LOTTE – Korea / Japan 05/04/2013

Today’s turn for one of the big names in the chewing gum industry: LOTTE

This huge group has even an entry in Wikipedia! They have many branches in different industries (electronics, tourism, publishing, building, finance, retail, …) but chewing gum was in the origin of the company back in 1948. Other food products in their range are: Drinks, Fast Food and Ice creams.

Lotte is producing chewing gum in many different factories, most of them in Asia, but I’d like to focus here on the new products presented last ISM by their headquarters:

Lotte Korea presented “Tri VIEW”. This is a tab (or ministick) with three different layers (this format is very trendy now in the market). The top and bottom layers are chewing gum whilst the middle layer is chewy candy. This allows for great flavour combinations, not only in terms of taste but also in terms of impact and lasting. I attach a photo taken with my iPhone (so I apologize for the “sub-optimal” quality!)


Lotte Japan introduced two products. I discussed on a previous post about “ZEUS” (28th Aug 2012). This is also a three layer tab (or ministick) with the same concept as Tri VIEW and some others (discussed in the post I mentioned). ZEUS GUM comes in different flavors with “sexy” names: Aurora curtain, Snow storm, Thunder spark, Rain shower,…

Another product is “ENGINE”, which comes in cubic format with a slight coating and presented in a flip top box. There are different versions of the product, such as X-TRA SPEED, X-TRA WILD and X-TRA BURST and the product contains caffeine and guarana, so fall perfectly into the category of functional gum. The cubic presentation is also interesting because it is not very common in the market.


lotte xtra speedlotte engine open


zeus 2zeus 3zeus 4




Health claims in European chewing gums 04/04/2013

Today I send you the link to an article about the Health claims that are approved for a chewing gum by the European Union. The article mentions the mature Dutch market and says that functional claims are the way to keep a higher growth for the chewing gum compared to other confectionery products, but these functional chewing gums must keep a reasonable price.

It mentions the claims approved by EU, which include the use of ingredients such as carbamide, fluoride and xylitol.

Confectionery News functional Gum


FLEER – Spain 03/04/2013

The company FLEER ESPAÑOLA SA is a joint venture between Tootsie Roll and the Torrents family.

Dr Torrents (a pharmacist) entered the world of chewing gum back in 1960 when he developed a gum against motion sickness. You can read the history and more in their web-site

The company is based near Barcelona and employs about 90 people. I thank Mr José Ramon Navarro for his time and explanation during ISM.

In fact, FLEER has very innovative and interesting products. Their main brand is CLIX (sugarfree gum  in dragee and tab presentation). New in ISM was the “JOYSTICK”, a stick in individual flow pack which comes under the CLIX brand umbrella. This presentation is not very common, so worth checking. Other branches of the CLIX brand are “CLIX 3D” or “6 CLIX STICK GUM” (a sleeve with 6 sticks inside).

Other brands are DUBLOOM (sugared bubble gum filled with liquid) and DUBU (melons and other shapes. I always found very nice the one that comes with the shape of a bear!). Of course, we also find the famous “DUBBLE BUBBLE”, a heritage from the original FLEER, in USA.

3D-Clix-Joystick-Menta-Azul_thumb                                               clix3d                                                    dubloom


LUTTI – France 02/04/2013

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Today a French company: LUTTI. This company is specialist in other products than gum. They make hard and soft candy, jellies, marshmallow and chocolate. They employ about 500 people and have two factory locations, one in France (near Lille) and one in Belgium. Nowadays it is owned by KATJES, a German company, since 2009. LUTTI was founded in 1889 (!) so it is probably one of the oldest companies that I comment in this web.

Even if chewing gum might not be the core business of Lutti, they have some very special and interesting products: Gum in tube, roll up (tape gum) and spaghetti gum. All of them are bubble gum type and really out of the most common cut & wrap or hollow balls (which are the most common presentations for bubble gum). This is what makes LUTTI so special.

The novelties in ISM were a tube gum (branded as “TUBBLE COLOR”) that paints the tongue of the user in blue. Honestly, I’ve seen in the past bubble gums that leave a blue tongue, but not recently! So, once more, LUTTI adventures into a field which is outside the standard.

They also launched “BUBBLE PARTY”, which is an assortment of products.

I thank Mme Sylvie Foucart for her time and explanations during the Fair