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FLEER – Spain 03/04/2013

The company FLEER ESPAÑOLA SA is a joint venture between Tootsie Roll and the Torrents family.

Dr Torrents (a pharmacist) entered the world of chewing gum back in 1960 when he developed a gum against motion sickness. You can read the history and more in their web-site

The company is based near Barcelona and employs about 90 people. I thank Mr José Ramon Navarro for his time and explanation during ISM.

In fact, FLEER has very innovative and interesting products. Their main brand is CLIX (sugarfree gum  in dragee and tab presentation). New in ISM was the “JOYSTICK”, a stick in individual flow pack which comes under the CLIX brand umbrella. This presentation is not very common, so worth checking. Other branches of the CLIX brand are “CLIX 3D” or “6 CLIX STICK GUM” (a sleeve with 6 sticks inside).

Other brands are DUBLOOM (sugared bubble gum filled with liquid) and DUBU (melons and other shapes. I always found very nice the one that comes with the shape of a bear!). Of course, we also find the famous “DUBBLE BUBBLE”, a heritage from the original FLEER, in USA.

3D-Clix-Joystick-Menta-Azul_thumb                                               clix3d                                                    dubloom


2 Responses to “FLEER – Spain”

  1. Stak Says:

    Bom dia
    Gostava de partilhar isto, alguem.
    Estou trabalhando com estes produtos ja vai um tempo, mas tenho dificuldades de ver o prazo de validdade.
    Falo exactamente das pastilhas elasticas 3D, nos seus varidos sabores.
    Por favor ajude

  2. […] I wrote last year about this company, specialist in sugarfree chewing gums. This is the link to my previous post. […]

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