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OAK LEAF – Canada 27/02/2014

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This Canadian company, which belongs to the Sweetworks group, is a real specialist in gum balls. They supply any type of hollow ball you can imagine. The ones that caught my eye in the show were the balls with metallic-like coating. Their shine is really special, and the perfection level at which they are produced is really outstanding. There are, of course, other types of hollow balls (filled, printed, extra-sour,..) which you can find in their web-site:

but I cannot refrain from attaching some pictures here:

OAK LEAF-Sour-Mega-Eggs-Powder-Filled OAK LEAF-Shimmer-Lime-Green-1in-Gumballs-156x164 OAK LEAF-Shimmer-Yellow-Gumballs-156x164 OAK LEAF-Shimmer-Silver-Gumballs-156x164 OAK LEAF Spooky-Eyes-Group-156x164 OAK LEAF-Bubble-King-Assorted-156x164 OAK LEAF-8oz-Shimmer-Blue-Gumballs-Peg-Bag-Copy-156x164


I thank Mr Mauricio Bobadilla for the time he spent with me and the explanations.



JAKE – Spain 09/04/2013

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JAKE SA is located in the Murcia region, South East of Spain. It was founded in 1976 and owned nowadays by Mr Emilio Vicente. It employs over 100 people. You can learn more in their website:

They produce many types of confectionery: Hard and soft candy, jellies, licorice and… of course, gum! They focus on kids products, around the concept of fun. They also stress the fact that many of their products are Gluten free.

Within the gum segment they are experts in balls (hollow or filled), melons, bottles and other round shapes. JAKE has also lollipop filled with gum. Some of the brands are FRUTI SPLASH (liquid filled balls presented in individual flow pack), SUPER GUM (lollipop with gum), BLUE/RED/GREEN EXPLOSION (filled balls which paint the tongue with color). The novelty of this last ISM was the brand MEGATRON which includes both a lollipop and a super sour ball presented in individual flow pack.

You can find the full catalogue clicking here

I thank Mr Antonio López for his time and explanations during ISM.



ERSAY GIDA – Turkey 18/03/2013

Today I will take again the review of companies that were exhibiting in ISM. We are already well into March and I am still posting about ISM!! I should speed this up… but there were so many chewing gum producers in the show that it is taking me longer than expected.

A main market for chewing gum, not only for the local products but also for the importance of exports, is Turkey.

Turkey as a country is always well represented in ISM, and we find most of their companies under the umbrella of the “Turkish Confectionery & sweet Promotion Group”

During next days I will be presenting a few turkish companies and today I will start by ERSAY. This is a company based in Istambul, where they have three factories.

The company was founded 27 years ago and employes about 50 people. You can find more at It is also known as ASPAK, and they are specialized in bubble gum (cut & wrap and balls). They also produce their own gum base.

Their main brand is FRUTSI (in fact the web site I mentioned before comes under that name). This edition of ISM, Ersay introduced Sour Shox extra and watermelon coming as single ball in a flow pack. Also “love gum” which are gum balls in a flip top bad, “soccer gum”, “Turbo”, and “girls” with a sticker. Finally, it is worth to mention the “Dino”, which is a cut&wrap product with mastic flavor. I always found this flavor quite peculiar…. maybe because I am not Turkish…

More about Turkish producers tomorrow… Then we will go for the mexicans…