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Chewing gum is good for your brain (true?) 10/04/2013

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With all this review of companies in ISM and new products presented there, I almost forgot an article appeared on on 5th February.

This article discusses about the studies that suggest that the action of chewing gum increases the blood flow into the brain and then increases the alertness or capacity of attention of the that study was carried out on 17 individuals, it seems that there is not enough grounds to establish a proper conclusion.

This is the link to the article: GUM and BRAIN

This is the link to the study itself: STUDY

And this is the link to my previous post discussing about the (bad) effect of gum on Short term memory: GUM MEMORY

My personal opinion is that all those studies are acceptable as starting point, but more research should be conducted before producing a final statement.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome!


Chewing gum is bad for short-term memory! Can you believe that? 16/05/2012

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Maybe now I know the reasons for my memory problems!

A new study shows that chewing a gum has a negative effect on the short term memory. That’s interesting because there are some studies proving more or less the opposite. Please see the link for details of this new study. I find the whole thing┬áreally surprising, and the last sentence of the article is the best! Flavour companies: Cheers!

By Oliver Nieburg 10-5-2012