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Chocolat Frey in North America. Sweet works/Oak Leaf 24/04/2014

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The swiss company Chocolat Frey (I posted about it in the past) has recently acquired Sweetworks. I also posted about this American company which owns well-known brands such as Oak Leaf (located in Canada) and Niagara Chocolates.

The companies have chocolate production and this acquisition will be a direct way for the Swiss to enter the US market. However here we focus on gum, and Chocolat Frey is specialist in sugar free gum production (with own brands and for private label), while Oak Leaf is strong in gum balls (sugared). They are then in strong contrast with each other. It will be interesting to see how this synergy evolves in the future. Will Chocolat Frey coated pellets enter the US market in a stronger way and compete with the giants Wrigley and Mondelez? Are we going to see more sugar free gum balls? …


CHOCOLAT FREY – Switzerland 09/04/2014

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The Swiss company was not presenting big launches this year. The most relevant is a Limited edition of their SKAI brand (sugar free drags packed in zip-bags) with “Chai Latte” flavor.

Then, CHOCOLAT FREY is giving a boost to their SMAJL brand with three different flavors: “Sweet Mint”, “Eucamenthol”, and “Dental” (with micro granules). They all claim the fact that the product does not contain aspartame.


frey skai                                            frey smajl


ROELLI ROELLI- Switzerland 05/03/2014

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Last year I already introduced this swiss company. You can find the post in this link

This year there is a new packaging for their star product ALPRAUSCH. It is a multipack with dragees.

The company also launches MEDITOL, a gum which contains 100% xylitol as sweetener. This is a premium product designed to be top-of-the-range and it is presented in a metal box or in a golden zip bag.

I thank Mr Nico Studer for his time.


CHOCOLAT FREY – Switzerland 23/04/2013

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Today is the last post about chewing gum companies that I visited in ISM. And today’s company is an important one: Chocolat Frey is an institution in Switzerland and abroad. They produce chocolate (their main product, as the company name indicates) and chewing gum. It was founded back in 1887 (!) and employs about 870 people today. The production of chewing gum started in 1974. It belongs to the mighty Migros group. One can feel the presence of Migros almost everywhere in Switzerland. You can read more about the company in their web-site: and even in wikipedia. However they have their own website specifically designed for chewing gum:

In terms of chewing gum, they have their own brands (SKAI and CANDIDA) but the company is strong in production for private label. This ISM they presented premium coatings with different colours. Their dragees are excellent and they have in their range sugarfree bubble gum dragees, which is not common at all! Chocolat Frey also offers many types of packaging: blister, sleeve, flip-top box, zip bag, plastic bottles… All their products are sugar free and they have dental chewing gums which contain different active ingredients which make the product (e.g. Candida) a functional gum.

I thank Mr Benjamin Frei for his time and explanations during ISM.


Roelli Roelli Confectionery AG – Switzerland 14/02/2013

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This small family owned company based in St Gallen, offers a nice range of chewing gum, all of them sugar free.

The company was founded in 1997 and has about 10 employees at the moment. In their range they have not only chewing gum, but also hard and soft candy, jellies and some chocolate containing products. It is owned by the Roelli family. You can see more on their web site

Their chewing gum brands are DOC’s, FREEZER, PIX and HUSTOL. They come in many different sorts of packaging (plastic bottles, blister, flip top box, and even zip-bag). Most of them are coated gum pillows, but also mini-stick (or tabs). HUSTOL are filled dragees. The novelty in this ISM has been ALPRAUSCH (herbal gum) with new flavors. This product was exhibited in the ISM New Product Showcase.

Mr Nico Studer took the time to explain me the whole product range, so I thank him for that.

alprausch roelliroelli