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New gum base ingredient 16/11/2012

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There are not many news about ingredients for gum base. Basically because, as you know, this field of research is quite restricted and companies keep their own developments for themselves. However, yesterday, informed about a new resin from Wacker (Germany) which claims to improve many properties of the gum base. The name of this ingredient is “Capiva” and according to the article it reduces the processing time, improves the flavour release, increases the shelf life, reduces the stickiness and increases the elasticity.

I am happy that some of the research on gum base production is openly communicated and published.  Usually, the general public can follow the developments on this field only by the patents that are being filed now and then, so this is like fresh air sneaking through. I hope it is not the last time and that the community can read more of these type of news.

Here is the link to the article:

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Wrigley files a patent of fibre-containing chewing gum 03/10/2012

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Wrigley files a patent of fibre-containing chewing gum

I read in (see link attached) about this new patent that Wrigley has filed, claiming improved texture, flavour release and healthiness.


Chewing gum technology book 12/07/2012

For those of you that are interested on knowing more and more about technological aspects around chewing gum, I can reccommend the book “Formulation and Production of Chewing and Bubble Gum”, by Douglas Fritz. You can find it in different internet stores (  or  and others). In this book you will find the top relevant issues that interest you.


And more on biodegradable gum 23/03/2012

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This article is not very new. I had it in my files, but as I did not have this blog at the time it was published, I do it now to add to the last articles about biodegradable chewing gum

By Oliver Nieburg 14-Nov-2011

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One more attempt for biodegradable chewing gum 22/03/2012

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Develop and launch a biodegradable chewing gum. This has been one of the most discussed issues (if not the most) during the recent years in our industry. All major players are working on that. New patents are filed regularly. But until now.. this has not been transferred to the shops. We can find only the “Rev7” (mentioned in my next post) following this claim.

Here is one recent article about this issue

By Oliver Nieburg 22-3-2102

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