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Triki – Tunisia 18/02/2013

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Let me today talk about another regional leader. This is Confiserie TRIKI – Le Moulin, located in the city of Sfax, in Tunisia.

I talked with Mr Sami Triki during the fair and I thank him for his time. He explained that the company was founded in 1948, it has two factories and about 550 employees. Triki produces not only gum (50%) but also hard candy (25%) and Halwa (25%). There is no specific launching during this fair but Triki is presenting its well known brands FLORIDA and FLORIDENT. The former is a sugared chewing gum in stick and coated dragees format. The second is a sugar free chewing gum in dragees presentation which comes in plastic bottles and in flip top boxes.

According to Mr Triki, they see a move back towards the stick format. It is true that some years ago we saw a switch to the dragees from other formats like sticks or tabs. This seems to be somehow reversing. We have seen in the market as well recently many “tabs” or “ministicks”, so this should also be taken into consideration. According to Mr Triki there is always room for innovation in chewing gum, one option could be compressed gum, another is through the addition of ingredients that will bring value.

Triki also has bubble gum, under the brands BALLON (a cut & wrap), SUPER JUMBO (hollow balls) and MANGO (fruit shape filled with liquid or powder).

You can find more about this company in their web:

The company Triki is also shareholder of B11B (Back to Basics) of which I will talk in a separate post.


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