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Lusiteca – Portugal 13/02/2013

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Let me talk today about Lusiteca, the only Portuguese-owned chewing gum manufacturer. I’ve visited many times this company located in Mem Martins, not far from Lisboa/Lisbon. The company started in 1968 and currently has about 200 employees. They produce not only chewing gum, but also hard and soft candy. You can find more at

The company changed their image and logo last 2012, undertaking a major re-branding which brings more color, life and imagination.

Lusiteca has a very strong brand in bubble gum: GORILA, which is complemented by SUPER GORILA. The bubble gum has a range of 8 flavours, and every year a new one is coming. This ISM they presented a “Vintage Edition” for the Gorila, in which they include pictures of WW2 airplanes. This collection was already launched in the 70s and now Lusiteca is re-launching it in response of many customer’s requests.

You can find about the brand also in

At the fair I talked to Mr Francisco Ramos, Ms Isabel Madeira and Ms Adelaide Chefe. I thank them all for their time and kindness.



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