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Lusiteca – Portugal 13/02/2013

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Let me talk today about Lusiteca, the only Portuguese-owned chewing gum manufacturer. I’ve visited many times this company located in Mem Martins, not far from Lisboa/Lisbon. The company started in 1968 and currently has about 200 employees. They produce not only chewing gum, but also hard and soft candy. You can find more at

The company changed their image and logo last 2012, undertaking a major re-branding which brings more color, life and imagination.

Lusiteca has a very strong brand in bubble gum: GORILA, which is complemented by SUPER GORILA. The bubble gum has a range of 8 flavours, and every year a new one is coming. This ISM they presented a “Vintage Edition” for the Gorila, in which they include pictures of WW2 airplanes. This collection was already launched in the 70s and now Lusiteca is re-launching it in response of many customer’s requests.

You can find about the brand also in

At the fair I talked to Mr Francisco Ramos, Ms Isabel Madeira and Ms Adelaide Chefe. I thank them all for their time and kindness.



One Response to “Lusiteca – Portugal”

  1. platibus3687 Says:

    Use of chewing gum for covid19 infection reduction.

    These thoughts started out from a post I published on the Washington Post site as follows:

    Pandemia suggestion – Washington Post June 11, 2020

    OK, here is one more amateurish suggestion: Develop something to put in people’s mouths – tablets, chewing gum, possibly plastic dispensers affixed to denture – that would issue a harmless disinfectant designed to reduce virus droplets entering and particularly being expelled by the individual. Its use could be mandated or encouraged in specific situations such as mass transit, air travel and specific conditions at work. I was prompted to develop these thoughts by an announcement by Disney that, as theme parks were reopening they would ask guests not to scream on roller coasters. Obviously, not a cure, not a vaccine, may or not supplement or replace masks, but could bring about a reduction of infections that could be critical for decisions to move between phases of pandemia control.

    Based on this, my message to you had to do with possible uses of chewing gum as a business idea or by way of cooperation toward fighting the pandemic.

    Now, I found the following discussion on another site:

    Stressed out by coronavirus? Here are 7 simple things you can do right now to relax
    From gum to gratitude, here are some novel ideas of how to improve your mood despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

    By Richard Chin Star Tribune

    March 21, 2020 — 7:57am

    From gum to gratitude, here are some novel ideas of how to improve your mood despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Does the coronavirus pandemic have you feeling anxious? Unfortunately, that might compound the problem. Stress can weaken the immune system.

    How about something that’s been proven to reduce stress and help people fight off the cold virus: a big hug. On second thought, maybe not.

    Exercise can reduce stress. Of course, no gyms or yoga studio are still open.

    But there are a bunch of other ways to ease your worries that are cheap, relatively easy and still allow you to maintain your social distance. Here are seven of our favorites:

    Chew gum

    A surprising number of studies (only a few of which were funded by the Wrigley Science Institute) have shown that chewing gum reduces anxiety. For example, researchers in Japan found that test subjects asked to chew mint-flavored gum twice a day for 14 days reported lower levels of anxiety and mental fatigue compared with a control group that got just a mint.

    In the words of the American Institute of Stress: “There is little doubt that chewing gum can be a powerful stress buster. One has only to look at a tightly contested baseball game on TV to see how many players, coaches and managers are vigorously chewing bubble gum or something else to relieve their pent-up tension.”

    I am intrigued to find that chewing gum is in fact being considered in this context, including on the part of some Wrigley organizations. However, I am prompted to postulate some points:

    1. It seems worth suggesting that chewing gum should not only be considered as a stress reducing agent. People should be led to emit fewer potentially dangerous parcels while chewing gum.

    2. Additionally, chemicals harmless to humans but potentially destructive to viruses could be included in the product.

    3. It may be worth considering all of this as a multiple opportunity as described in my initial contact.

    I want to stress that I am not laying claim at this point to any intellectual property, recognition or financial reward. As in all such situations, I expect and welcome any such rewards or recognition when and if they are considered due.

    I would very much appreciate hearing from you. On the other hand, please feel free to send along to anybody else in your organization as you may see fit.

    Best regards, Pedro Kolari

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