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B II B – Denmark 19/02/2013

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Yesterday I was talking about Triki, the leading chewing gum manufacturer in Tunisia.

Today I’s like to present BIIB (Back-to-Basics).

This is a Danish-German-Tunisian company specialized in private label. It was founded in 2001 by Mr Kolind and Mr Barenholdt and they offer chewing gum, hard and soft candy, jellies and mints (compresssed tablets). Triki is one of the partners and, as such, some of the production of the company B11B is carried out in Tunisia. However they have also agreements with other producers. This flexibility allows them to offer several types, formats and presentations (sticks, dragees, filled dragees, in flip top box, in multipack, in plastic bottle, etc. ).

B11B is open to receive requests for any private label around the world, and they have as well their own brands, such as OXYDENT. In ISM they launched a gum with Stevia, one of the trends in the industry during last months and that has been discussed in this web in the past. So here we have the possibility to find more and more in the shops some chewing gum sweetened with Stevia!

I thank Mr Henrik Jorgensen for his time during ISM.


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