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GUM BASE Co. – Italy 03/05/2013

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In ISM I met not only producers of chewing gum, also some suppliers were exhibiting there. Some days ago I talked about Beneo. Today about this italian company specialized in the production of gum base: Gum Base Co.

The company is part of Perfetti SpA and based near Milan, although they have production facilities also in Shanghai-China. Gum Base Co employs about 150 people and was founded back in 1967. I thank Mr Michel Benz for his time and explanations during the fair. The company is now noticing the interest on gum base to produce one of the latest trends in the industry: The gum tab consisting on two layers of chewing gum combined with a central layer of chewy candy. Gum Base Co. offers specific gum bases for this application. Mr Benz also explains that the liquid center filled gum is also in demand (although this has been around for much longer time). This type of gum requires some expertise and a perfect fine tuning of the ingredients and the machinery used in production. He notices a trend towards higher quality products, with higher profile. In the future the trend goes in the direction of healthcare/functional gum.

Gum Base Co also offers since some years PHARMAGUM (a gum in powder form designed for the pharmaceutical industry which can be directly compressible) and WELLGUM which is a specific solution that combines gum in powder form with active ingredients and then compressed into chewing gum (CPG – Compressed Powder Gum)

You can read more about this and other products and details of the company in their website:


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