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MAKPROMET – Macedonia 06/03/2014

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This company in Macedonia is in fact a huge conglomerate. They cover from  a supermarket chain to contraction, printing, agro business to the production (of course!) of chewing gum.

The chewing gum goes under the brand CUNGA LUNGA and they cover a wide range of presentations: from the more common cut & wrap (with different flavors) to the more unusual gum with cigarette shape. Another interesting product are the gum balls wrapped with paper resembling a football. I attach pictures below, which I took from the website where you will find the full product range and more information. Some balls are presented in a blister pack, which is also interesting from then point of view of packaging style. also quite unusual is a cut & wrap which is 8 cm long and presented in individual flow pack.

I thank Ms Marija Cuckovsca for her time and explanations.

MAKPROMETCL-topce-futbal(2) MAKPROMETCL-topce-vo-boja(2) MAKPROMETCL-cigari-kutii-grupna


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