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ZETA ESPACIAL SA- Spain 17/03/2014

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This is a company based near Barcelona. They are specialists on Popping Candy. It was founded in 1979 and nowadays are selling worldwide. It is interesting because they are very much focused on a single speciality, with some variations. For sure, they are the masters of popping candy, but here in this website we are interested in the bubble gum version: “POP ROCKS Bubble Gum”. It is presented in a sachet/bag which contains particles of popping candy and particles of gum, so when they are placed inside the mouth the consumer gets both effects: The fizziness and exploting particles from the candy and the chew and bubble ability of the gum!

Popping candy is sold also in bulk. It consists on pieces of hard candy that have been gasified with Carbon dioxide, so when those particles get in contact with moisture (e.g. inside the mouth) they explode and we get a very special feeling. You can learn more about them in their website:

I thank Ms Marta Mas for her time.



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