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Sugar Confectionery course in ZDS 31/10/2012

Filed under: Market & Fairs — Joan Mestres @ 10:48 AM

I gave a presentation on Chewing Gum Technology a couple of days ago in the German Confetionery School, ZDS, in Solingen. This lecture on chewing gum is part of the Sugar confectionery course that takes 4 weeks. I really enjoy these moments, as I can share what I know with others and most of the times I also learn news things from the comments and questions from the audience. This time, there were participants from very diverse origins, like Brazil, China, New Zealand, Austria, Argentina, Lebanon,… and they were very active and had very sharp questions. Thank you all!


One Response to “Sugar Confectionery course in ZDS”

  1. Hello Joan,

    Congratulations, so the questions here is you can share the presentation with me?

    As you know I’m working hard in order to launch the new gum coated in México the idea in 1Q2013

    Best regards,


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