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Bach Flower in chewing gum 27/08/2014

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Some days ago I came across this interesting functional gum, which uses the well-known Bach flower remedies in chewing gum format.

It illustrates what I have been mentioning several times in this web-site, which is the importance of functional gums. The growth in this category has been a fact since a few years and all gum producers should consider this segment in a very serious way in case they are not doing it yet.

In this example, the company LemonPharma (headquartered in Germany) offers 3 different versions of chewing gum:

1- For emergencies

2- Energy

3- Concentration

4- Self-Confidence

The product is presented in plastic bottles containing 60 g (approx. 40 units) of coated pillows. They have a nice crunch and chew. They do not contain aspartame and are produced only with xylitol as sweetener.

bach flower concentration Bach flowers self confidencebach flower emergency bach flower energy

I leave you here the link to the web-site of the company for those of you who want more info:


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