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Practical Course on Chewing Gum Technology 21/09/2016

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Next week I will be lecturing in this interesting seminar organized by the German school ZDS, in Solingen. I am honoured to take part once again in this type of training, which I enjoy a lot. I hope I will be able to share the know how i have about chewing gum and also learn from the other elcturers and participants.

The Course will cover many different aspects of the production, looking at ingredients, machinery, processes, etc. and includes a hands-on experience which participants in previous editions rated as extremely useful.

If you are interested, you can read more on this link:

ZDS Chewing Gum Seminar

Inscription still open, so if you hurry, we can still meet there next Tuesday!!


2 Responses to “Practical Course on Chewing Gum Technology”

  1. jorge fong Says:

    Estimado Joan
    Yo quiero hacer un breve comentario.

    He seguido tu amables reportes sobre el chewing gum en el mundo.

    Y tu nunca, mencionas el origen, historia y beneficios para la salud,
    Que tiene el verdadero chicle tree sap.

    Ahora que diriges este curso, es importante que veas nuestros websites
    Que abordan estos temas.

    Aboaf sa cv, por 30 años es la lider en el mundo del natural chicle.

    Yo envio saludos desde Mexico.

    Jorge Fong
    Aboafsite sa cv

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