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European market data 29/06/2012

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According to Nielsen, the sales of chewing gum from 2001 until Nov 2010 were 813 Million US$ in Italy, the number one country in Europe in terms of value. Number two, very close is Germany with 804 M US$, then France and at more distance Spain and UK with vlaues almost half of those for the leaders.

Instead, if we see the figures for candy, the number one in volume by far is Germany with 333 Million kilos of candy consumed. Far from that is second place for UK with 172 M kg, France 109 M kg and then Holland, Italy and Spain. The consumption of candy per capita is lead by Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland, with more than 3kg per person and year. Portugal and Greece show the lowest figures with less than 1 kg per person and year.


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