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Perfetti van Melle acquires Mondelez chewing gum business in Europe and North America 19/12/2022

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We knew that Mondelez had divestment plans for its gum business, but today appeared a press release announcing that Perfetti Van Melle is the company that is going to take over this part of the business. The production plants in US and Poland, and all the famous brands such as Trident, Dentyne, Bubalooo, etc will be now (pending of authorization from Authorities) part of the Italian player.

Mondelez keeps its gum business in other parts of the world (the factories in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand … and specially China, come to my mind)

It is interesting that some of these brands became part of Mondelez coming from the acquisition of Cadbury, and looking further back in time, we will find Warner Lambert and… Adams! Now, will be part of Perfetti in these markets. So, I wonder, are we going to see a Trident made by Perfetti in Europe and a Trident made by Mondelez in, let’s say South America? That’s going to be interesting.

You can see more details in these articles:

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This move involving the second and third players in the chewing gum industry will shake the market and might trigger further moves.


European market data 29/06/2012

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According to Nielsen, the sales of chewing gum from 2001 until Nov 2010 were 813 Million US$ in Italy, the number one country in Europe in terms of value. Number two, very close is Germany with 804 M US$, then France and at more distance Spain and UK with vlaues almost half of those for the leaders.

Instead, if we see the figures for candy, the number one in volume by far is Germany with 333 Million kilos of candy consumed. Far from that is second place for UK with 172 M kg, France 109 M kg and then Holland, Italy and Spain. The consumption of candy per capita is lead by Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland, with more than 3kg per person and year. Portugal and Greece show the lowest figures with less than 1 kg per person and year.