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SAADET – Turkey 19/03/2013

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Let’s continue with Turkish companies and let me introduce today SAADET Confectionery Co.

This company was founded in 1996, has 4 factories in Istanbul and about 1000 employees. It is owned by Mr Subet. Its web site is

You will see that they produce not only chewing gum, but also jellies, marshmallow, licorice and others.

In terms of chewing gum the main brands are : NAZAR (sugafree ministick), OCEAN (dragees and sticks), PUNTO (bubble cut & wrap) and MISKET (ball). So they cover a very good range of products both chewing and bubble, both sugared and sugarfree, both coated and uncoated. There are also other brands that you can find in their website.

The big launch in ISM was NAZAR Istanbul, which is a double layer chewing gum ministick, presented in a nice envelope pack. Of course, mastic flavor is present in the products from Saadet! I attach a picture of this.

I thank Mr Suat Ecran for his time and explanations at his booth.

Nazar Saadet