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Indaco – Italy 06/03/2013

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INDACO is an Italian company founded in 1999 and owned by the Cola family. In ISM I talked to Mr Silvio Cola, to whom I thank for his time.

The company has about 50 employees and is located near Napoli. They produce, of course chewing gum but also hard candy, chocolate lentils and some hazelnut, almonds and similar products coated with chocolate. 

It must be very difficult to play in the italian chewing gum market, considering the dominant position of Perfetti. Or maybe is because of this that there are opportunities! Indaco is selling not only in Italy, but also in about 20 countries mainly in North Africa, Middle East and Southern Europe. They are looking for expansion into other areas. Indaco’s own brand for chewing gum ins COLFRESH, which represents about 60% of their production, and then they produce for private label which takes the remaining 40%. In this ISM’13 they presented a 10 stick (6 flavors) zipper pack for private label.

According to Mr Cola during recent years there has been an excess of innovation which has confused the consumers with too many product launches. Many products in Italy are above the 1,5 Eur and consumers, due to the current crisis, are looking for products below this price, so Indaco intends to focus on that and also in the private label sector. They have an eye on emerging markets like India, China and others where the sugar free is slowly increasing the market share. Indaco produces 90% of their chewing gum as sugar free, so this is one of their strong points.


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