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Drive Gum (II) 19/02/2016

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It is the second time that I write about this company. It was one year ago that I discovered them in ISM and introduced them to you. Now, again in ISM, they launch a new version of their Energy gum. They have added Guarana in the formulation, so the coated gums contain now caffeine + guarana.

You can learn more in their website:

drive gum guarana


2 Responses to “Drive Gum (II)”

  1. john Says:

    Hi, I thought another ‘big gum company’ was blocked for trying to release a caffeinated gum a couple of years back? (Although that was FDA – U.S.) where is this gum being sold?

  2. drivegum Says:

    Hi John I am writing on behalf of Functional gums srl from Italy. Thanks for your valuable comment. US FDA actually never blocked any sales of caffeinated chewing gums they simply raised safety concerns about caffeinated products that could have reached youngsters. This is why our gum has been conceived and developed with the specific focus of helping drivers to stay more awake, alert and concentrated while driving or whatever they are doing. We are sold in several countries in Europe and outside Europe and now willing to expand to the US market. Best regards

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