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More CPhI 11/10/2016

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In addition to my post yesterday about the probiotic gum promoted by Cafosa, I want to mention as well the other gum concepts that have been developed by this company:

  • Health in Gum ® Tryptophan: anti-Stress, containing 50mg of the aminoacid per piece.
  • Health in Gum ® Garcinia Cambogia: for weight management, with 200mg of the plant extract per piece.
  • Health in Gum ® Caffeine: for Sport nutrition, containing 50mg of active per tablet.

The company has a website dedicated to this segment of functional gum made by means of tabletting technology:

Another company was also promoting functional tabletted chewing gum in this massive Exhibition: Harke Pharma ( which has a partnership with Cafosa for this purpose.


2 Responses to “More CPhI”

  1. Nancy Kassem Says:

    Dear sir, Looking for a gum called Babylon it is from Turkey. Saadet or Seekersiz May be the company name. It is a special gum without any real or artificial sugar along the lines of Falim Gum. Can you give me the name of a supplier. I used to buy it from Ebay but my connection is gone. I know it is a silly request for someone who seem very connected in the gum industry. That I found you must be a testament to how hard I am looking.
    The address on the back label is
    Saadet Gida Paz. San ve Tlc. a.s.
    Pinar Mah. 19 Mayis blu no 30:
    Esenyurt/ Istanbul Turkiye
    Tele: 90 212 450 11 11 pbx
    Fax 90 212 450 1120
    Maybe you can direct me, Thank you either way.

    Nancy Kassem

    • Joan Mestres Says:

      Dear Nancy,
      Yes, I know these types of gums which contain only gum base and flavor. They are quite popular in Turkey.
      The best way would be to contact Saadet Gida directly and ask them where you can buy it in your area (I do not know where you live).
      The phone number that you have should be ok. Otherwise:
      Good luck!!

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