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Tic Tac Gum – Ferrero 22/03/2017

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It seems that (finally) Ferrero has arrived to the chewing gum arena. I received photos of their product, which comes under their well-established brand “TIC TAC”. I guess the product is on sale at least in Italy. I do not know if in any other market as well. I have not seen TicTac Gum myself, so I cannot comment on the characteristics or the quality (I assume it is top class, like the rest of the products of the company – And no, they do not sponsor me!). I just wanted to share with you the picture of the product that I received:


4 Responses to “Tic Tac Gum – Ferrero”

  1. Don Lawson Says:

    Hi Joan! Do you know the flavors?

    Thanks, Don

  2. Don Lawson Says:

    Hi Joan! Do you know the flavor? Can’t quite Tell from the picture. Thanks….Don

    Don Lawson


  3. jen smith Says:

    my sister just brought me tic tac gum from rome and it is the BOMB!! it is my favorite gum ever!!! it tastes just like a tic tac!! until it comes to the states i will have to have my sister send me some every couple of months. it’s great also because, sometimes you want just a bit of gum so you just chew 1 or 2 tic tac pieces. amazing!! šŸ™‚
    btw, my sister brought me watermelon and mint. so far, those are the only flavors. mint is amazing!

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