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CBD Chewing gum 25/02/2020

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Let me introduce to you another natural gum containing CBD. This comes from Lithuania and it is made by the company ENDOCA, which specializes in all types and formats for the CBD.

It comes with carton boxes with 10 individually wrapped gums inside. The pieces are not coated and have a brown color, distinctive of the natural gum base that they are made of.

Each gum contains 15mg of CBD.

The company emphasizes a lot the Natural claim in their marketing.

You can learn more in their website


One Response to “CBD Chewing gum”

  1. Jorge Fong Says:

    Hola Joan.
    Yo enviarte saludos desde Mexico.
    Esperando vosotros estar bien.

    Por otro lado.
    Agradecer todos los reportes del ISM show, que vosotros enviarnos.
    Yo creo que haz detectado, que los nuevos chewing gums en el mercado.
    Esta siendo los natural chewing gums.
    Manufactrados con natural chicle gum bases.

    Jorge Fong

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