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Candy Industry 17/02/2023

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I was reading this interesting article in “Candy Industry” about the situation and expectations for the market in 2023 and I thought that I would share it here as it touches some points related to important chewing gum companies. Not only the huge Mondelez and Perfetti (I mentioned their agreement in a separate entry that you can find here) but also about Colombina, Arcor and Ezaki Glico which are also very large and important companies.

Please see the link here to Candy Industry


ISM and New Products 24/01/2013

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ISM ‘ 13 is getting close and next Sunday I will be flying to Cologne to attend the full fair, until Wednesday.

I look forward to meet many of my friends and business partners there, as every year.

I plan to post about the new products I will find in ISM, so you will find them all here.

The start the round of new launches, there is one from the argentinian company ARCOR (that will not be exhibiting in ISM) but that has arrived to me via Top Line gel

It is a sugarfree chewing gum under the brand “Top Line”, the main brand of the company in the chewing gum area, which contains a gel. The company uses this gel to deliver different flavour combinations.


The launch has been supported by a marketing campaign that includes videos in youtube like the ones in the next links: video top line gelvideo top line gel 2 ; also in facebook and in the own website of the product.

To be continued after ISM….. Hope to find interesting novelties!


Argentina 18/10/2012

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I was recently in Argentina, so I take this excuse to comment a bit on the gum market of this country.
It is a clear duopoly with Kraft/Cadbury holding 54% market share in value and the local player Arcor 42%. Not much room left for the others! Each of them have their very strong brands (Beldent and TopLine respectively) well established in the market since many years. Being sugar free brands, these are gaining market share each year to other sugared brands like Bubaloo or Bazooka (both Cadbury), which decrease, following the general world-wide trend. We can find another common trend also in Argentina: Increase of chewing gum and decrease of bubble gum, with functional gum being a strong driver for the increase.
While bubble gum accounts for 12400 T and only 714 Million Peso value, chewing gum represents 7400 T but 1300 Million Peso value!
Two specificities of this market are the high inflation rate (around 25%) and the increased legislation to protect the local economy by making imports more and more difficult. Both issues affect the chewing gum market. The perspectives are positive and some growth (2%) is expected.